Summer Race Team

2023 Race Team & Open Race Night Registration Now Closed. See you in 2024!



We have added an option for sailors who are unable to travel to the away regattas. Our "Home Team" participates in practice, Tuesday night races, and the home BYC regatta. The cost is $250. Use the promo code HOME at checkout to use the discount. Email with questions!


Practices will be held at the Zuanich dock Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:15pm to 7:15pm. The season runs June 26th to August 25th.


Tuesday Night Open Racing 

Tuesday Night Open Racing will start at 5:00 pm. Sailors should arrive to the Zuanich BYC Youth Dock at 4:30 pm to rig. Races will be staffed with a BYC coach to help sailors rig and act as a safety/coach boat out on the water. There is no fee to participate in Race Night if you are already signed up for the BYC Race Team. The cost to participate if you are not on the race team is just $15 for the boat rental, in cash at the youth dock. Please use the link above to pre-register so we know how many racers to expect, and can contact you in the event of a schedule change. This is an event meant for sailors who have completed at least an Intermediate Sailing class, or have equivalent experience.

If your sailor tries Open Race Night and decides they would like to join our Race Team, BYC will apply a credit toward your registration for each Open Race Night you preregistered for! Please contact for more details.



Below are the regattas that we are going to this summer. Regattas are not required but highly encouraged! 

Summer Regatta Schedule

August 5-6, 2023 Bellingham Youth Regatta

August 19-20 , 2023 Johnny Adams Memorial Regatta Bainbridge Island, WA

August 26-27, 2023 US Junior Olympics Festival Seattle, WA

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a regatta and what should I expect?

A regatta is the name for a sailing race! Our sailors will travel to different sailing venues in the PNW on the weekends to compete against other clubs in our region. Regattas are not required but they are a very fun way to sail in different areas, meet new people, and improve your sailiing skills.

A typical regatta weekend will look like this:

Friday evening:

Boat loading will occur at the BYC. We have an Opti trailer that holds 10 boats that can be towed by a parent. Opti's can also be car topped and tied down on most hatchback's and SUVs. We have an FJ trailer that holds 3 boats and can be towed by a parent. We do not currently have a laser trailer but Laser's can also be car topped. All sailor and parents are responsible for getting their boats to and from regattas. 


Sailors will meet with our coaches on Saturday morning. Coaches will help sailors rig, and give them a briefing before heading out on the water. Our coaches will have motor boats to support sailors on the water. During the day, parents need to be close enough to return to the sailing venue in the event of a boat breakdown or should their sailor retire from races for the day. Sailors can put their lunches and water bottles on the coach boats, as they will likely be on the water until late afternoon.

Some regattas offer overnight camping, in other situations sailors and parents will need to arrage for overnight accommodations. 


Sailors will meet in the mornings with coaches and launch their sailboats. There will be a time stated in the NOR for a last start. No races will be started after this time. Sailors will head in at the end of the day and an awards ceremony will take place. Boats will be loaded into cars and trailer and we will all head home! 


What costs are associated with race team?

The race team fee covers coaching at practice, and regattas, boat use, and boat trailer and equipment use at regattas. 

Sailors will be responsible for travel expenses for regattas, overnight accommodations, regatta entry fee, and food for the weekend. 


What do all of these acronyms mean?

There are a lot of terms that our racers throw around! As you spend more time at regattas these will become more familiar. Here's a list to get you started!

NOR: Notice Of Race. Posted online a few weeks before the regatta. Information on report times, schedules for the weekend, location of regatta, and any overnight accommodations(camping) will be posted here. It's basically a summary of how the weekend is going to run.

Report time: The time that the sailors should show up at the venue 

Competitor meeting/Skipper’s meeting: A group meeting with all competitors in Saturday morning to go over specific of the race. Here sailors and parents can ask questions, and safety information will be reviewed. 

SI's: Sailing Instructions. A chart of the bouys (marks) that will be on the race course and which direction sailors should proceed around the course.


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