Lighted Boat Parade 2022

December 3

2022 Lighted Boat Parade

"Holiday Magic" theme

Date:  Saturday December 3, 2022


 2022 Lighted Boat Parade


Date:  Saturday December 3rd, 2022



Participation:  Open to any vessel registered with BYC either online beforehand or in person at the Bellingham Yacht Club on Saturday afternoon between 3:30 and 5:00 p.m.


Online registration is strongly recommended and is available here:



Safety:  Each skipper is responsible for the safety of his vessel and crew and should base his decision to participate on the weather conditions at the time of the parade. Boats withdrawing from the parade should notify the BYC Fleet Captain by email: or by phone: (206) 678-3144


Weather: If conditions are too severe for the event's safety, an announcement will be made on VHF channel 72 by 5:30 p.m.


Time:  Boats away at 1730 (5:30) on Saturday. All boats will rendezvous near the Bellingham Cruise terminal at 1800 (6:00) on Saturday for the parade start.


Course:  See attached chart.  We will make two passes in front of Boulevard Park.  


Order of the March:  Lead boat will be the vessel Serendipity skippered by Steve Ross with all others falling in behind. Bringing up the rear will be powerboat Seahorse skippered by Mike Unger with Fleet Captain David Marod along for the ride. Our Commodore Cathy Herbold will be on the review boat Luna skippered by Nelson Bright.


Communications:  Channel 72 VHF will be used and monitored during the event.

The soup Cookoff:  We will also be having a soup cookoff, soups can be dropped off in a warming container (before or during the parade) for judging and eating after. Please include your own ladle or serving utensil and type of soup and/or a number on the vessel for judging. Please keep soup maker anonymous until after judging.



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