Types of Memberships Offered

The Bellingham Yacht Club welcomes new members, whether you are a boat owner (power, sail, kayak or other), cruiser, racer, crew or non-boater!!

Several types of memberships are available for all ages, all of which are very reasonably priced. Membership in the Bellingham Yacht Club is yearly.

Active and Non-Resident Memberships

An Active membership is for members age 30 or older for local residents. A Non-Resident Membership is for members age 30 or older where the applicant attests that they have a residency located more than 50 miles away which they occupy for more than six months per year.

Active and Non-Resident memberships pay a one-time initiation fee. Click on the link below to go to the application which includes current membership dues and initiation fees.

Active/Non-Resident Membership Application

Intermediate Memberships

An Intermediate membership is for members from 21 through 29 years of age. Intermediate dues vary depending upon age and as Intermediate members do not pay any initiation fees. Click on the link below to go to the application which includes current membership dues and initiation fees.

Intermediate Memberships

Senior membership is available for active members aged 70 years or older. To submit for Senior membership status, please contact the BYC Commodore or Membership Chair.

Junior/Intermediate Membership Application

Membership Initiation and Dues Schedule for 2019-2020

A. Dues are reviewed by the Board of Directors at least once per year. We strive to keep our initiation fee and yearly dues affordable while still offering the benefits of membership. Dues are currently structured by age and and function. We offer junior, intermediate, active, senior and non-resident membership classes. Of these classes, only active members have the privileges to vote and to hold office. Senior memberships are available only to current members who have reached 70 years of age and apply for Senior status. Below is the current fee structure for the 2019/20 year membership classes.

2019/20 Membership Classes and Prices
Membership Class Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Active $310 $596
Non-Resident $310 $397
Senior: Active member, age 70 or older N/A* $447
Junior: Up to Age 18 N/A* $25
Junior: Age 19-22* N/A* $50
Intermediate: Age 21-25 N/A* $130
Intermediate: Age 26-27 N/A* $160
Intermediate: Age 28-29 N/A* $190
* The Initiation Fee shall be deferred for all incoming Junior and Intermediate members. *Junior up to age 22 applies if still enrolled as full-time student.