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September 1999

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Voting Members of the BYC including “Active” and “Life” members are hereby notified of an important meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1999 at 1830 hours at the Club. The purpose is to vote upon an amendment to the Club's Articles of Incorporation, changing us to a non-profit, non-stock “voluntary association”. This is the legal procedure recommended by our legal counsel, Hugh Lewis, who specializes in corporate regulatory and organizational matters.

The amended relevant charter clause will read as below.

These actions were set in motion with approval of the members in March when we voted to cancel our stock and become an association, thus “redeeming” our stock under Washington law.

The meeting is on the same day as the Club elections.

The nominating meeting of the Club is on Wednesday, September 1, 1999 at 1830 hours as called for in the By-Laws.

Text of Amended Article: The new article in the BYC Articles of Incorporation to be approved at the September 15, 1999 meeting as announced above is as follows:


The Corporation having previously redeemed all its outstanding shares of capital stock at the request of its membership, the Corporation shall henceforth exist as a Washington Non-Profit Corporation which, pursuant to RCW24.03.030(l) shall not have or issue shares of stock. The Corporation shall be supported and maintained from a fund to be derived from fees and membership dues. The rights and obligations of its members shall be as prescribed in Chapter 24.03 of the Revised Code of Washington and in the Bylaws of the Corporation.

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Still Time for Cruising!

The season's not over yet! Upcoming cruising events:

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Ship's Store News

Our BYC Ship's Store has just received a shipment of BYC Burgees, in both large and small sizes. If you're ready to replace your tattered flag, this is a good time. Call Joe at 647-0288 or Chuck McCord at 384-0110 to make an appointment to “shop” or to have one mailed . . .

Joe advises that BYC caps are on order and should be in by mid-August. They are blue with suede brims and the BYC burgee and logo. Call for details.

Also on hand are t-shirts, polo shirts, ties, pins, refrigerator magnets, and windsocks. Why not “shop” on September 15?

Items have the club logo, are of good quality, competively priced. “Go for it” and display your BYC colors!

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Opinion from a BYC Member with something to say! Obviously, it doesn't reflect the policies or official position of the BYC. You are welcome to give your comments in this section: contact the Jib Sheet editor at 647-0288. Support this step on the 15th . . .

On September 15, the same day as our BYC elections, an important meeting will be held at the Club to approve an amendment to our BYC Articles of Incorporation, as filed with the State of Washington.

This is nearly the last step in our conversion of the BYC to a “Voluntary Association” from a “Stock Corporation”. With this change, we will become like most clubs throughout the nation. It's a change that was approved at our membership meeting in March, as reported in the April Jib Sheet.

Let me review why we've been anxious to make this change. First, our stock, historically priced at $50, is no longer a significant financial item. To most people, $50 is a minor factor in membership cost, a lot different than when we were paying it in the 60's!

Second, administrating our stockholder information is difficult. Members die, move, and certificates are lost.

Third, dealing with members leaving the Club is complex. Although the Club by-laws do not any longer require us to redeem stock as we used to (this was changed over two years ago), a few members make this a big hassle for us who volunteer.

That's why the members attending and voting in March passed the necessary motion to cancel our stock, and to hire counsel to follow through formally revising our charter, etc.

Your officers employed Hugh Lewis, a step endorsed by our long-time Judge Advocate and loyal Past Commodore, Dan Olson. Hugh, whose charges have been very modest, is now taking us through the final steps.

Please help by supporting this step at the meeting on September 15th at 1830 hours. - Joe Coons

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Dues Bills Going Out: You Can Help!

The billing for your BYC Club dues for the 1999-2000 Club year will be in the mail in early September, according to BYC Treasurer Jack Black. As described in the last Jib Sheet, the dues will be $348, $172, $136, and $208 for Active, Senior, Intermediate and Non-Resident Members respectively. Each of these is a five percent drop from last year: What other bill have you gotten lately that's gone down? Junior dues stay the same at $36.

The BYC year begins October 1, and ends September 30. Under the Club By-Laws, dues must be paid by October 31 for a member to be in good standing. If dues are not paid by November 30, the member must be dropped from the rolls.

“This year, with our books in order, and the timely issuance of the bills, we're counting on our Members to pay us promptly,” said Black. “Although all members except juniors can pay quarterly (with a four dollar per quarter surcharge), we're hopeful that most will find it convenient to pay our invoices in full, saving us and them the hassle of quarterly bills and checks!”

BYC's dues revenues are now spent exclusively on Club facilities and programs, as the is no paid staff. Restaurant revenue pay for the cost of the restaurant facilities.

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Remember the Lifering Program? Have You Sent In Your Gift/Pledge?

These cash contributions total over $9,200 so far, as Members of the BYC send in cash and fulfill over $20,000 in pledges to date. Each reduction in the principal lowers the interest we're paying, too, giving us more money for Club programs in the years to come. Your Lifering contributions will go directly to extra principal reduction of the debt on our building mortgage.

THANKS to each donor so far! Now it's your turn. You'll be recognized on a plaque depending on your gift of $100 or more . . . Although many members are choosing just to send in money anonymously. After your gift is received, you'll get an acknowledgement from BYC Secretary Karen Callery who chairs this fund-raising program.

Clip & Mail to: Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club,
2625 Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

I want the Club to serve boaters and prosper, and I will contribute $ ________ to the Lifering program.
[ ] Check enclosed [ ] I will pay $________ [monthly] [quarterly]. Bill me.

Please show contributor name(s) on the plaque as:

Signed: ___________________________________________
Name(s): __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________

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Cheekee Monkee Big Winner on CAT and Local Circuit . . .

The Cheekee Monkee, a Corsair F-31 catamaran owned by Kim and Lynda Alfreds of the BYC, has won a lot of recent honors: 3rd in the 1999 San Diego NOOD, winner of the 1998 National Championship, and winner in its class at the 1999 Swiftsure.

To win the overall '98 National Championship, the Corsair Cup, the crew went to the Galveston Yacht Club, site of the year's final qualifying event, the Galveston NOOD. (Check the Farrier Website for more information:

1998 was the inaugural year for the Corsair Cup, awarded to the sailor who finished with the highest point score during the 1998 regatta year. The fledgling Farrier Class Association named seven regattas around the country as qualifiers. Each competitor's finish place was adjusted by a fleet size factor and the numbers were added up and each competitor was ranked accordingly.

When Lynda and Kim heard about this series, they thought it would be fun to try to get to the required 3 races. They went to Pensacola for a week before the Rendezvous May 7-9, and didn't do so well. All that driving and laying about in the sun must have taken it's toll, they were off the pace and blew their best race by not restarting properly after being called over early, and placed 4th in the fleet in Pensacola in 1998.

Now the driving to the Swiftsure, 3,357 miles and five days later they arrived back in Bellingham, cleaned the boat, got her ready and sailed Cheekee Monkee over to Victoria.

Another regatta in the series was Whidbey Race week, July 12-17, a five day, Monday to Friday series, only 50 miles away! In 1998, it was great sailing with winds ranging from drifting conditions on the first day to 30 knots later in the week. This regatta seemed to be a two boat event, the Cheekee Monkee vs. Hanoman, both aft cockpit F-31s. Based on the handicap, they both ended up with 12 points, tied for first place. Tom got the nod by finishing with more first places than the Alfreds did. Cheekee Monkee finished in second place. Thanks to crewLynda, Greg Trigeiro and Alan Hamilton, a junior BYC sailor, the series winning crew as it turned out! It seemed that their desire to drive almost 10,000 miles in pursuit of the holy grail was what did it for them!

But the story doesn't stop there.

Just in case someone was going to show up at the last event in Galveston, Texas, the 1998 NOOD, Sep 18-20, Lynda and Kim made plans to attend. They couldn't take the time to haul the Cheekee Monkee down there, so managed to charter an F-24 MKI from Dallas. Greg Smith, the owner, agreed to bring his boat down to Galveston and to crew in the regatta. With the heavy winds forecast they hoped for a chance, but as it turned out, light winds all the way, and a finish in the middle of the pack.

They did four out of the seven regattas. Lots of driving, great fun and much understanding from Lynda.

The 1999 Campaign

At the 1999 San Diego NOOD, Kim and Lynda asked top catamaran sailor Rick White to be the series skipper as a training session. Rick is the author of Catamaran Racing in the 90's and holds over 50 titles. The Cheekee Monkee, after winning the national title in 1999 had undergone a major refit. The mast and boom were up graded to Carbon Fiber, new Kevlar Edge sails were ordered, hull modifications were made and the boat is now faster: the local PHRF rating has changed from 32 down to -15 and the national Farrier Class rating has changed from 18 to -24. The boat took 3rd Place against tough competition.

At the last Swiftsure International Yacht Race of the millenium, the boat's third, they won both in division and with overall line honors. Sailing the Cape Flattery course, 100 nautical miles, 1999 was both the boat's best and worst performance. It was the worst in terms of how long it took us to cross the finish line. But it was best in that they finished at 16:17:14 Sunday afternoon for an elapsed time of 30:42:14 for Line Honors and 1st place in class. They had really expected that they might even finish before midnight Saturday night if the winds blew as predicted, but that was not the case.

The weather was typical for a Swiftsure. No wind and a pretty good current. The gun went off and they got away cleanly. Later, they heard boats dropping out like flies. They approached the finish line at Victoria harbor with the wind easing up, and passing the breakwater, they were the only boat in sight, crossing the line at 4:17 PM. What a rush for the crew: A Corsair F-31 takes Line Honors at the prestigious Swiftsure International Yacht Race.

The committee then notified the crew that they would be met by the press. Heading in to the inspection station, alongside came a speedboat and to conduct a radio interview. Moments later, they land and were greeted by cheers and a TV crew. The inspection was quick and the TV came on board for an interview riding back with them to the floats in front of the Empress. Dockside there was a ceremony and presentation, the newspapers interviewed and photographed, the family greeted them. What an exciting finish for the Cheekee Monkee and her stalwart crew, Kim's son Shane, son--in-law Jason and good friend Bill: all of them helped make this year's campaign a great success, Kim says.

The weekend following the Swiftsure, Kim & Lynda trailed the boat to Los Angeles for a regatta racing out to Catalina Island and back. The weekend following that race, they were at the Corsair regatta on Lake Mead in Nevada. All three of these events contribute toward the national title. So does Whidbey Island Race week in which they placed 2nd last year. With those four regattas, plus a possible 5th one in San Francisco, ….. Cheekee Monkey is once again on the quest for the National title!

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1999 Predicted Log Race

Last September the 1st Annual Great Bellingham Bay Predicted Log Race took place. The 1998 Winners: 1st, Dave Bradley in Fast Change; 2nd, Steve Ross in Serendipity; 3rd, Ron Erickson in Intrepid; and for the most coveted Last Place award, Steve Moore in Hyper!

Predicted Log Contests are similar to road rallies: Skippers attempt to most accurately predict the time it will take to navigate a specified course to be provided on the race morning. Before departing, skippers turn in predicted logs that specify the time they expect to use on each course leg, then start onto the course at their predicted starting time. After starting, an Observer (assigned the morning of the race) aboard the boat collects all watches so that the skipper and crew have no knowledge of the actual time during the contest. As each mark is passed, the Observer records the time on the actual log. After completing the course, the Race Committee will compute the percentage error between the predicted and actual logs for each boat. The skipper with the lowest error is then declared the winner. All it takes is:
A Boat.----- A Compass.----- A Tachometer.----- A Chart.

This year's race will be, like last year, a fun race. Since many BYC members have not participated in a predicted log race, the goal again this year will be to have fun, yet try to see who can best predict their log. Any boat is welcome to enter - from kayak to purse seiner, from sailboat to grand yacht. All you need to do to sign up is to contact John Gargett (734-4115 email:

On race day, we will begin at 0900 sharp with a skippers' meeting in the Ward Room at the club, where you will be given the course and rules. Each participant will have until 1030 to complete the predicted log sheet. The first boats will depart at 1100. The race will conclude at Inati Bay where we will have an award ceremony as well as a potluck meal on the beach. (And don't forget the 12th is the Commodore's Picnic so stay the night!)

Finally, information on how to run a predicted log race can be reached at the following web site address (courtesy of the North American Cruiser Association)

See you there for a lot of fun!

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RASMUSSEN'S MARINE ELECTRIC offers boaters full marine electric parts, repairs, and service. As dealers for Onan, Westerbeke, Trace, Interstate Batteries,and other first-class companies, they are ready and able to help solve any electrical problem on your boat or RV. And Don, Paul, Doug, Ann, and Bunny are experts at their jobs, too: you can count on their quality and after-sale service. Open Monday - Friday, 8AM to 5PM at 2-4 Squalicum Mall, call 671-2992 or Fax 671-7650.

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BYC Sponsors
Support these folks who support our Club! Thanks!

Boat Repairs:
B'ham Marine Repair, 907 W. Holly 734-6326
Yacht Tech, Russell Deptuch, 380-5426
Boatyard @ Colony Wharf, 1001 C St. 715-1000
Boat Brokers & Chartering:
Bellhaven Sailing, #18 Harbor Mall 647-9664
Grand Yachts Northwest, by Gate 3 676-1248
San Juan Sailing, by Gate 3 671-4300
Canvas & Upholstery:
Sea Wind Canvas, #27 HM 650-0810
Squalicum Marine Upholstery, SM 733-4353
Dr. Bob Knudson, 1415 Commercial St. 671-4480
Top to Bottom Detailing, #16 HM 671-7022
Electric Repairs & Supplies:
Rasmussen Marine Electric, SM 671-2992
San Juan Electronics, #1 HM 733-6264
Engine Repairs:
Marine Services NW, 2551 Roeder 671-3820
Tri County Engine, 2696 Roeder 733-8880
Hardware Sales, 2034 James St. 734-6140
Special-T Signs, 2206 Pacific St. 734-7617
Marine Supplies:
LFS, Coho Way 734-3336
Redden Marine, 1411 Roeder Ave. 733-0250
Yeager's, 3101 Northwest 733-1080
Outboard Motors & Repair:
West Coast Marine Services, 1200 “C” 676-8020
Yeager's, 3101 Northwest Ave. 733-1080
Real Estate:
Phil Dyer, Muljat Group, 510 Lakeway 739-9900
Breakwater Restaurant, at the Club 671-2030

(“SM”=Squalicum Mall, “HM” = Harbor Mall)

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