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May 2000

Jib Sheet

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Opening Day Essential Info

1100 Members-only Reception
1200 Ceremonies
1300 Boats Away
1345 Parade begins
1400-1800 Dockside Activities
1430-1730 Andy O Performing
1900 Drawing for Baskets
2100 Dancing: The Breakwater


  1. USCG Escort Boat;
  2. BYC Officers & Trustees;
  3. BYC Members lead by Fleet Captain;
  4. Wheel & Keel;
  5. Squalicum Y/C;
  6. Corinithian Y/C;
  7. USCGA;
  8. USPS;
  9. Unaffiliated Boaters;
  10. Parade Commander;
  11. Fire Belle.
Monitor VHF Channel 68 for details.


BYC’s traditional “First Saturday in May” Opening Day events will be held Saturday, May 6, at the Club, and in the area around Gate 3 of Squalicum Harbor. Co-chaired by Reed Gillig and Bob Kehoe, the annual event is the largest single Club project of the year. “My guess is that at least 2,000 persons visit the docks on Opening Day”, said one BYC board flag officer. Among other sights, visitors will enjoying the hospitality of BYC Members’ boats close-in on the docks; only members who have made prior arrangements with Chairman Bob Kehoe will be permitted in these spaces!


The festivities will begin at 1100 hours in the Breakwater Restaurant, where the entire dining room area will be exclusively for the Commodore’s Reception. Open only to Members and their families, plus invited dignitaries from boating clubs and organizations throughout the region, the party will offer free champagne, soft drinks, and a wide array of appetizers. Entry to the reception will be through the Club entrance on the east end of our building. After a welcome there by several Past Commodores (and an inspection of the new Clubrooms area on the lower floor), guests will go upstairs to the reception itself.


At 1200 hours, the reception will end and the Breakwater Restaurant will be fully open to the public for the balance of the day’s activities.

The crowd will move outside for the traditional ceremonies marking this auspicious time in the boating year. An outstanding local vocalist, Joselyn Coty, will sing the U.S. and Canadian national anthems as the colors are raised by the local Sea Scouts, and this will be followed by welcomes and introductions of visiting officers of other clubs and honored dignitaries. The Blessing of the Fleet will be by Father John Gibbs of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.


At 1300 hours, Commodore Steve Moore will call “Boats Away!” and boaters will head for the docks and their vessels for the annual Boat Parade and Review. With a theme of “Into the New Millenium”, and emphasizing the BYC’s 75th anniversary, the parade will follow the traditional route, assembling near the Post Point/Ferry Terminal area, parading down to the Review Boat near the Star Rock buoy, then clockwise around the boat back to the Ferry Terminal, then disbursing to return to the harbor for the fun there. BYC Members are welcome as guests on the Review Boat. Be sure to call Commodore Moore at 647-2356 to reserve your place aboard.


Once again, the super-popular Andy O will be performing with his exciting combination of rhythms, vocals, and pop songs; he’ll be aboard Gordon LaViguere’s boat at the foot of the Gate 3 ramp. Andy O’s appearance is made possible through generous contributions of our sponsors, including America’s Cup, Bellhaven Sailing *Charters* School, Boondocks, the Breakwater Restaurant, Grand Yachts Northwest, Lucci’s Bayshore Pizza, the Port of Bellingham, Rasmussen’s Marine Electric, San Juan Sailing, Tom Selman, Squalicum Marine, Top to Bottom Detailing and The Web Locker, which were solicited by Opening Day Committee Member Tim Mumford. Thanks to All!


Beginning at the Reception, you’ll have an opportunity to buy chances on gorgeous gift baskets, one of which also holds a $100 bill! The drawing for the baskets will be at 1900 hours in the Breakwater. You must be present to win! Prizes for the best boats in the parade will be awarded at this same time by Commodore Moore.

Meanwhile, the Breakwater will be serving a special “Opening Day” menu beginning at 1830 (6:30PM); as usual, BYC Members enjoy a 10% discount on their tabs. At 2100 (9PM), Andy O will begin entertaining, also at the Breakwater.

Chairs Gillig and Kehoe thank all who helped with the activities.


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Editorial: Reflections on a Trophy

Opinion from a BYC Member with something to say! Obviously, it doesn't reflect the policies or official position of the BYC. You are welcome to give your comments in this section: contact the Jib Sheet editor at 647-0288.

During the past month, I’ve worked with several other volunteers on restoring our Club’s downstairs rooms at the Clubhouse back to a real “clubby” atmosphere. One of our tasks was to re-display all the Club’s plaques and trophies. Some hadn’t seen the light of day, properly displayed, in years!

Judy Coons and Linda Selman spent several hours getting the arrangement of the wall plaques “just right”, and Tom Selman then meticulously hung them according to the ladies’ instructions. They look great in the downstairs hall of our bright downstairs area.

A few days later, I was again in that area when Fred Elsethegan, a veteran member, came in the door. I gave him a tour of the new space.

“Where’s the Topsy Trophy?”, asked Fred.

Because I just looked at all of them, I took him over to see this lovely plaque, with the shape of an opened book in raised silver plate and an inscription dedicating the plaque to the BYC-Member-owned vessels that have “gone to sea for the last time, never to return“.

Fred told me how he had given the plaque to the Club when his own little sailboat, Topsy, was wrecked in a storm when she came loose from her moorings . . . I think it was in 1952 . . . and crashed on the beach.

Fred’s love for his boat, the warmth of his reminiscences, and his affection for the camaraderie of his friends at the Club and the memories they share together was immediately clear as this gentle and generous “senior citizen” recounted the tale.

An encounter like this is why I belong to the BYC. Whether it’s at the Clubhouse, on the docks, at a race, away cruising, wherever: it’s the people that make our Club, with the common interests, memories, and 75-year-old traditions we all share together.

Thanks for letting me be a part of it! Joe


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Remember the Lifering Program?

Have You Sent In Your Gift/Pledge? Remember the Lifering Program? Have You Sent In Your Gift/Pledge?

These cash contributions total over $16,250, as Members of the BYC send in cash and fulfill over $22,000 in pledges. Each reduction in the principal lowers the interest we’re paying, giving us even more money for Club programs in coming years. Your Lifering contributions go directly to extra reduction of the debt on our mortgage.

THANKS to each donor so far! Now it’s your turn. You’ll be recognized on the plaque depending on your gift of $100 or more . . . Although many members are choosing just to send in money anonymously. After your gift is received, you’ll get an acknowledgement from Rear Commodore Karen Callery who chairs this fund-raising program.

Clip & Mail to: Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club,
2625 Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

I want the Club to serve boaters and prosper, and I will contribute $ ________ to the Lifering program.
[ ] Check enclosed [ ] I will pay $________ [monthly] [quarterly]. Bill me.

Please show contributor name(s) on the plaque as:

Signed: ___________________________________________
Name(s): __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________

Welcome New Members!

In April the Board approved nine new members to our BYC family. Their names and boats are:

We welcome all these new (and returning) members! Please help them get/stay acquainted at the Club . . .

New Rosters/Yearbooks will be out in November with all corrections, results for this year, and next year’s schedules.

Monthly Programs Meeting Schedule . . .

Jody Erickson and her Program Committee has scheduled meetings every month on the second Tuesday for regular meetings with programs for BYC Members; some will be open to the public (at a charge) to serve as BYC outreach boating introduction and training sessions.

Still on the schedule are:

Events on the following monthly second Tuesday will be announced in future Jib Sheets. Events now set include Alaska cruising, a history of the BYC and boating in the Bay, and Santa.

If you have a program you’d like to present, contact Jody at 738-9647.


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Financial Report

Karen Callery, Rear Commodore & Treasurer

As of February 29, we had a loss of $1,915 for the year to date. During March the loss reversed, and we ended the first six months of this Club year with a small profit.

This was in spite of several significant expenditures for Clubhouse maintenance. Since October 1, we have put on a new roof (long, long overdue) and installed an expensive commercial hot water heater to replace the failing ancient one.

Keys to this success: The decision by Club leaders last year to be “all volunteer”, a big reduction in expenses deemed unnecessary (such as a postage meter and excess telephone capacity), advertiser support for the Jib Sheet, and more effective collection of revenues from our reciprocal dock during the off-season. Lots of folks have helped with this. And of course, my “pet project”, the Life Ring Fund, has helped us control our interest expense in spite of increasing rates for our variable-rate mortgage.

The result is that now over 69% of every dues dollar goes directly to Club programs! Less than 31% of your payments to us go toward our building expenses, depreciation, and interest (even though these are Club activities too). And we expect this to get even better in the months to come! Thanks.

BALANCE SHEET as of 3/31/00 3/31/99
Cash $ 31,046. $ 26,977.
Accounts Receivable 15,821. 11,102.
Other Current Assets 10,049. 16,882.
Total Current Assets 56,917. 54,961.
Fixed Assets, net of Dep’n 286,322. 304,528.
Total Assets $ 343,239. $ 359,489.
Current Liabilities* $ 24,754. $ 41,081.
Building Mortgage 182,837. 203,847.
Equity 135,647. 114,560.
Tot. Liabilities & Equity $ 343,239. $ 359,489.
INCOME STATEMENT 10/99 – 3/00 10/98 – 3/99
Dues $ 19,877. $ 24,881.
Building Income 24,900. 22,000.
Past Commodores’ Contribs 1,250. 300.
Moorage & Other 9,492. 7,610.
Total Income $ 55,520. $ 54,791.
Building Expenses $ -15,646. $ -12,883.
Program Expenses -16,096. -12,203.
Admin. & Depreciation Exp. -14,993. -18,532.
Interest Income 523. 321.
Interest expense -9,180. -8541.
Total Expenses $ -55,392. -51,838.
PROFIT (“-” = LOSS) $ 128. $ 2,953.

* Includes $16,820/$1,738 unrefundable annual dues received in advance.

BYC Cruising Schedule

In addition to the extensive sailing racing schedule published in March, and posted by the Club door (with 42 races scheduled!), our BYC has the following recreational cruises scheduled:
June 24-25 Sucia Island social with sailors
July 8-9 Chuckanut Bay raftup/crab feast
July 14-16 Oak Bay, BC cruise(note change)
Aug. 5-6 Blakely Harbor Weekend
Aug. 25-27 Prevost Hbr fishing/crabbing
Sept. 10 Commodore’s Picnic
Sept 8-13 South Sound Adventure

Stay tuned to the JIB SHEET for the details on all these events, but save the dates now! Note that all these events are designed to include sail and power.

There will be more cruises set in the months to come. . .

BYC Sponsors
Support these folks who support our Club! Thanks!

Boat Repairs:
B'ham Marine Repair, 907 W. Holly 734-6326
Yacht Tec, Russell Deptuch 380-5426
Boatyard @ Colony Wharf, 1001 C St. 715-1000
Boat Brokers & Chartering:
Bellhaven Sailing, #18 HM 647-6636
Grand Yachts Northwest, by Gate 3 676-1248
San Juan Sailing, by Gate 3 671-4300
San Juan Yachting, by Gate 3 671-8089
Canvas & Upholstery:
Sea Wind Canvas, #27 HM 650-0810
Squalicum Marine Upholstery, SM 733-4353
Dr. Bob Knudson, 1415 Commercial St. 671-4480
Top to Bottom Detailing, #16 HM 671-7022
Electric Repairs & Supplies:
Rasmussen Marine Electric, SM 671-2992
San Juan Electronics, #1 HM 733-6264
Engine Repairs:
Tri County Engine, 2696 Roeder 733-8880
Fiberglass Repairs:
Charlie Millsap's Fiberglass Repair 224-2266
Special-T Signs, 2206 Pacific St. 734-7617
Marine Supplies:
LFS, Coho Way 734-3336
Redden Marine, 1411 Roeder Ave. 733-0250
Outboard Motors & Repair:
West Coast Marine Services, 1200 “C” 676-8020
Real Estate:
Phil Dyer, Muljat Group, 510 Lakeway 739-9900
Breakwater Restaurant, at the Club 671-2030
Matt Harris, Marine Consultants, Inc. 647-6966
Mike McGlenn, Michael K McGlenn Inc. 966-4900

(“SM”=Squalicum Mall, “HM” = Harbor Mall)


PHIL DYER at Muljat Group Realtors moved here with Denise and daughters Andi and Alex in 1989 after 21 years with the USCG. Life boaters, they immediately joined the BYC. “We moved so many times, bought and sold so many houses it wasn’t long before I knew more than some agents. I love the business, and since coming have taken more training than any other local agent”, says Phil. With an MA in Economics, he handles a full range of activities. Buying or selling, get top service and your real estate problems solved: Call him at 739-9900.

If you need help caring for your boat, especially if it’s a bigger one, there is no organization that can do it better than TOP TO BOTTOM DIVING AND MARINE SERVICE. Careful, thorough, expert washing, waxing, beautiful varnishing/painting, routine repairs, and more are specialties. Their diving services can solve your emergency towing, zinc-changing, prop repair, and damage inspection needs. Call Roger Schjelderup and his team at 671-7022 for an accurate estimate, and work completed when needed. They stand behind their work!

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