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March 1998

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First Mates Review

Marge Pisarczuk, First Mates President

The ladies attending our February luncheon had a great time and wonderful food. Please remember that not all of us play bridge, so come on down and join with us non-bridge players at our big round table. Our March luncheon will be on the 19th in the Ward Room at 11:30 am. Please call BYC for reservations.

The Friday at Five First Mates Valentine Pot Luck was great. Hearts and flowers were everywhere. Penny Bradley brought me a long stem red rose. Rose Atwood-Knudson cooked a fabulous roast of beef and Bob did the honors of carving. The raffle basket was won by Ray Nelson. Loraine Boland did the drawing. After dinner we played Valentine Bingo and Dave Bradley and Lois Peterson were both winners. Sorry some of you missed the party.

Our Victorian Tea Party is almost here‹Sunday, March 8, between 2 and 4 pm. And your Board has some wonderful surprises in store for you that afternoon. Please mark your calendar and make your reservation by March 4th, as seating is very limited. Tickets are $10 each. Reservations are a must.

A sneak preview of our Tea: a table with pictures and memorabilia of Princess Diana. These pictures were taken by Devon Hoffman while she was a member of the U.S. press corps in London. Devon lives in Everson and will be sharing her collection with us.

The Board Meeting lunch for March will again be brown bag. We plan to finish up the favors for the Tea Party.


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Fleet Captain Report

Karen Callery, Fleet Captain

The boating season is rapidly approaching, actually here for a lot of us. The first cruise to the Boat Show was a huge success. The second cruise to Anacortes will be happening Feb. 21­22, while this issue of the Jib Sheet is being printed. But with Brian and Gretchen as chairs for the event, I'm sure it's a success in the makingŠ

The racing season began on the 7th with the first Frostbite Race of the season. A big thanks to Gary and Janet for their efforts for the Sail Fleet. The racing schedule as approved by the sail fleet is on page 3 [of the Jib Sheet, or here].

Opening Day plans are being worked on. The theme for this year's event is "Songs of the Sea." I can't wait to hear Penny Bradley sing the theme to Gilligan's Island. Marlene Bolster, Opening Day Chairman, is doing a great job in the planning of this event. She'll keep you posted on all of the planned activities.

Remember to check out the BYC Home Page for all of our Club activities @ A big thanks to Steve Ross for all of his efforts. See you on the water.

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Sail Racing Results

Janet Snedecor, Race Committee Chair

Frostbite # 1 was held Saturday, Feb. 7 and it turned out not to be so frosty after all. The winds were fairly light, but the sun was out and no one seemed to mind much about the light winds. It felt good to be back on the water again!

Five boats and their hardy crews showed up to mark the official beginning of BYC's Race Schedule. From BYC there was Jamoca, Honker, Miles II Go and Charlemagne (Marlene Bolster's new boat); and from CYC‹Mike Reid and his new Islander 38.

Since our mark boat is still under going her winter face lift, it was a rabbit start with a course set for the Pt. Francis buoy back to Post Point, and a finish off of Star Rock. Dave Lowe, Miles II Go, graciously agreed to be the rabbit (Thank you, Dave!).

Most everyone got off to a good start on Port tack heading for Portage with the exception of Charlemagne who lagged behind a bit. But as the fates and luck would have it Charlemagne ended up being on the right side of the course and finished first across the line. (Way to go, Marlene!) But every time we would look back we could see that darn blue and pink spinnaker of Miles II Go inching ever closer. How does he get that boat to go so fast?

I'd like to tell you the results of the race, but unfortunately I can't. Our Results Chairman has resigned. We need a volunteer to do results. If you or someone you know is willing to do results, please contact a Sail Fleet Officer or Board Member. As soon as we get a new Results Chairperson, I will pass on the results.

Good racing everyone! And hope to see more of you out there for our next Frostbite on February 28. We will try to have buoy racing (depends on the status of the mark boat), and get off a couple of races.


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More Sailing News

Effective February 13, 1998, Alan Callery was appointed as Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) Director for the Bellingham Yacht Club. His duties include BYC representation at PHRF functions and being your liaison. "I wish the BYC to remain in the forefront of the region's sailing community and for all BYC sailors to have a pipeline to PHRF," says Alan. "If you have comments or questions that I can help with, please call me at 676-0784 or e-mail at"

One of the first new items will be obtaining the new PHRF scoring program to assist us, and PHRF, in calculating our racing results.


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Small Sailboats Needed

I am looking to buy one to four used small sailboats (Lasers, Optimists or 420s) in good condition. They will be donated in turn to "Antares" youth sailing camp in Nakhodka, Russia (Bellingham's sister city). The sailboats will be used to replenish the small fleet of aging sailboats at Anatares. Bellingham, and the BYC in particular, has had several exchanges over the years with "Antares" Yacht Club. Please contact Stowe Talbot at 734-4874. (


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Opening Day: May 2

Marlene Bolster, Opening Day Chair

With El Nino dominating our mild winter, Opening Day is just around the cornerŠ Our beloved Commodore has chosen "Songs of the Sea" as this year's theme.

Sweep out the cobwebs from your minds (and bilge) and get your creative juices flowing. Anything from "Salty Sea Chanties" to "The Little Mermaid" will be the order of the day. Just a note, Please leave Barney at home.

Saturday, May 2nd, should prove to be a barrel (rum maybe?) of laughs and a dock load of fun. For more information stay tuned to your Jib Sheet, Web page at, or call yours truly at 671-5772. Fair Winds...


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Fridays at Five

March 20: Come and meet new members, visit with old, hear about the BYC cruise to Anacortes from the cruise chairpeople.

Inati Bay Progressive Dinner & Wine Tasting

March 27­29: Show off your favorite dish and bring your favorite bottle of wine to the Inati Bay Progressive Dinner and Wine Tasting March 27-29. Raft up will begin Friday night with your host and hostess Brian and Gretchen Erga. Saturday evening begins the progressive dinner and wine tasting. Come and enjoy an island adventure and camaraderie. Questions? Call Brian and Gretchen at 676-8088.

Friday Harbor Past Commodore Cruise

April 17­19: Call Gretchen or Brian Erga at 676-8088 for more information.

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