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March 2000

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First Mates' Funds Used to Make Important Mortgage Reduction

Tapping into its fund reserves, Officers of the First Mates Loraine Boland, Roberta McCord and Clara Severson presented the Club with a First Mates' Life Ring contribution of $1000. The presentation was made at the February 18 Friday at Five gathering.

Commenting on the generosity of the First Mates, Commodore Steve Moore said, “This is a remarkable gift that will bring the Club savings of over $80 each year for years to come, as it reduces the interest we pay on our bank mortgage each month, and lets more of our money reduce debt instead of just pay interest!”

The Life Ring program has now reduced the Club's mortgage by over $16,500 since the program was begun in February, 1999. It was created by a committee chaired by Rear Commodore Karen Callery when Norrin Heggem was BYC commodore. Good job!

Remember the Lifering Program?

Have You Sent In Your Gift/Pledge?

These cash contributions total over $14,000 so far, as Members of the BYC send in cash and fulfill over $22,000 in pledges to date. Each reduction in the principal lowers the interest we're paying, too, giving us more money for Club programs in the years to come. Your Lifering contributions will go directly to extra principal reduction of the debt on our building mortgage.

THANKS to each donor so far! Now it's your turn. You'll be recognized on the plaque depending on your gift of $100 or more . . . Although many members are choosing just to send in money anonymously. After your gift is received, you'll get an acknowledgement from Rear Commodore Karen Callery who chairs this fund-raising program.

Clip & Mail to: Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club,
2625 Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

I want the Club to serve boaters and prosper, and I will contribute $ ________ to the Lifering program.
[ ] Check enclosed [ ] I will pay $________ [monthly] [quarterly]. Bill me.

Please show contributor name(s) on the plaque as:

Signed: ___________________________________________
Name(s): __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________

Boat Show Report

BYC Members had a successful bus trip to the Seattle Boat Show on January 29th. 20 members left at 8:30 arriving at the new Seattle Exhibition Center south of the Kingdome at 10:30. Show tickets were donated by Curt Bagley of Olympic Boats in Bellingham. Several BYCers bought electronics, while everyone looked at all the new boats and equipment; some ate lunch at McCrory's. The bus arrived back about 7:00 PM. The return trip was highlighted by a Rules of the Road test, aced by Captain Bud Peterson who won a floating key chain. Only one person missed every question, Commodore Steve Moore. This is a great, fun way to go to the boat show! Phil Dyer was chairman.

2000 Racing Schedule

The sailing fleet has announced its racing schedule for 2000. Fill out your calendars for an exciting season of fun for skippers and crews alike!

Date Event Time Chair
Mar. 11 Frostbite 1 & 2 10:00 Skippers Meeting 11:00 Start ____ 
Mar. 18 Frostbite 3 & 4 10:00 Skippers Meeting 11:00 Start ____ 
Apr. 5 Spring 1-1 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Apr. 12 Spring 1-2 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Apr. 19 Spring 1-3 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Apr. 22 Vendovi Island 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start ____ 
Apr. 26 Spring 1-4 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
May 3 Spring 1-5 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
May 6 Opening Day & San Juan Cup   ____ 
May 10 Spring 2-1 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
May 13 Marmetta Cup 10:00 Skippers Meeting 11:00 Start ____ 
May 17 Spring 2-2 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start  
May 24 Spring 2-3 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
May 31 Spring 2-4 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jun. 3-4 Point Roberts 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start ____ 
Jun. 7 Spring 2-5 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jun 9-11 Windermere Cup Anacortes Yacht Club 
Jun. 14 Summer 1-1 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jun. 21 Summer 1-2 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jun. 24 W O W 10:00 Skippers Meeting 11:00 Start Dawn Durand 
Jun. 28 Summer 1-3 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jul. 5 Summer 1-4 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jul . 12 Summer 1-5 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jul. 17-21 Whidbey Island Race Week   
Jul. 19 Moore Invitational 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start Steve Moore 
Jul. 26 Summer 2-1 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Jul. 29 Jack & Jill 10:00 Start ____ 
Aug. 2 Summer 2-2 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Aug. 9 Summer 2-3 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Aug. 16 Summer 2-4 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Aug. 23 Summer 2-5 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start 
Aug. 30 PITCH Tune Up 18:00 Warn, 18:10 Start ____ 
Sep. 2-3 PITCH 11:00 Start ____ 
Sep. 9 Commodores Cup 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start 
Sep. 16-17 Bellingham One Design 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start 
Sep. 23 Governors Point 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start ____ 
Oct. 7 Jack Island 9:00 Skippers Meeting 10:00 Start ____ 
Oct. 28 ABCO Challenge  
Nov. 4-5 'Round The County  
Nov. 10 BYC Awards Banquet 18:00 Happy Hour 19:00 Dinner & Awards 

The Sailing Fleet leadership has worked hard to make this schedule a good one. For more information contact Sail Fleet Captain Keith McLean, 676-1529. Congrats !

Jr. Sailors' Names Needed

Joe Carrico, co-chairman with Gary Baker for year-2000 Junior Sailing, would like parents, grandparents, and friends to submit young people's names for the 2000 year's programs.

“We're re-energizing our kids' program,” said Carrico, “and we need to contact young people interested in the fun and excitement of competitive and recreational sailing so we can get the program in gear in plenty of time for the season!”

The Junior Sailing program can include three components, providing interest exists: Junior Racing, Team training, and a sailing school. BYC has frequent meets with US and Canadian teams.

Interested kids and/or adults (“We need committee members, too,” says Carrico) should call Joe at 738-4058.

Dennis & Julie Roaming!

A report from the grapevine indicates that Dennis and Julie Fox were anchored at Georgetown in the Exumas in the Bahamas on their “Interim Boat” after having work done in Florida in November and cruising since December. In March they hope to sell this boat in the Palm Beach boat show, then, hopefully, have their long-awaited new boat delivered in Bellingham in June (yes, it was delayed again!)

Among other experiences, they're telling stories about their escape from hurricane Irene with a secure tie-up in the Cape Fear River near Wilmington, N.C. Doesn't that make you glad you live and boat in the Northwest? We're waiting to hear their stories upon their return.

April 29 Cruise Scheduled

April 29 is the 2000 Past Commodore's Cruise, open to all member families. Destination: Blakely Island for a weekend of fun and food. More details in next month's Jib Sheet or call Chuck McCord, 384-0110 for info.

BYC Sponsors
Support these folks who support our Club! Thanks!

Boat Repairs:
B'ham Marine Repair, 907 W. Holly 734-6326
Yacht Tec, Russell Deptuch 380-5426
Boatyard @ Colony Wharf, 1001 C St. 715-1000
Boat Brokers & Chartering:
Bellhaven Sailing, #18 HM 647-6636
Grand Yachts Northwest, by Gate 3 676-1248
San Juan Sailing, by Gate 3 671-4300
San Juan Yachting, by Gate 3 671-8089
Canvas & Upholstery:
Sea Wind Canvas, #27 HM 650-0810
Squalicum Marine Upholstery, SM 733-4353
Dr. Bob Knudson, 1415 Commercial St. 671-4480
Top to Bottom Detailing, #16 HM 671-7022
Electric Repairs & Supplies:
Rasmussen Marine Electric, SM 671-2992
San Juan Electronics, #1 HM 733-6264
Engine Repairs:
Tri County Engine, 2696 Roeder 733-8880
Fiberglass Repairs:
Charlie Millsap's Fiberglass Repair 224-2266
Special-T Signs, 2206 Pacific St. 734-7617
Marine Supplies:
LFS, Coho Way 734-3336
Redden Marine, 1411 Roeder Ave. 733-0250
Outboard Motors & Repair:
West Coast Marine Services, 1200 “C” 676-8020
Real Estate:
Phil Dyer, Muljat Group, 510 Lakeway 739-9900
Breakwater Restaurant, at the Club 671-2030
Matt Harris, Marine Consultants, Inc. 647-6966
Mike McGlenn, Michael K McGlenn Inc. 966-4900

(“SM”=Squalicum Mall, “HM” = Harbor Mall)

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