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Opening Day Was a Big Success!
Over 75 Boats in Parade

With a reception where Members knocked off 23 bottles of champagne and consumed delicious Breakwater-prepared hors d’oeuvres “like there was no tomorrow”, the Opening Day ceremonies were off to an auspicious start as the BYC celebrated “Into the New Millennium” and its 75th Anniversary in style!

Following the reception hosted by Commodore Steve Moore and his lady, Diane, the party re-assembled in front of the Club for the traditional ceremonies, including a blessing of the fleet (see below) by Father John Gibbs of St. Paul’s Church. Father Gibbs then delighted the boaters by walking the docks, sprinkling holy water on Members’ boats!

The parade was l-o-n-g! Various spectators, official and otherwise, set the number of boats at between 75 and 100; counters lost track after an hour went by!

Entertainment on the docks, and later at the Breakwater, was provided by the up-tempo sounds of Andy O, and a raffle was held for four gift baskets. All told, about 150 members participated, although no exact count is available.

Reeg Gillig and Bob Kehoe were Opening Day Co-chairs. Special thanks are due to the businesses that supported the event, and to the staff of the Port of Bellingham, which was unceasing in lending support. Of great help, too, were the many volunteers, especially new Member Tim Mumford, who raised a lot of money to help pay for the band.

Father John Gibbs’ Blessing

Eternal God, we seek Your blessing upon this fleet here moored and the same for all those that sail the seas. Watch over every vessel at its departure that a time of rejoicing may be had at the time of its return. May all of our preparations reflect the same thoroughness You have shown in Your creation.

As we take the helm of our various vessels grant us, we pray, a consciousness that Another is directly behind us with a firm hand upon each and every shoulder, granting us confidence and security of spirit. Be our chart and compass as we sail under the guidance of Your protection and love.

And if, and when, the storms break upon us, bid the mighty waters keep their appointed limits. Bind, we pray, the restless wave that Your words, “Peace – be still” will be obeyed. Grant us, at the appointed time, a safe return that we may rejoice in our humanity, rejoice in Your care, and find a sense of triumph welling up within us. May Your concern and our response blend together in gratitude and praise for Your holy name. All of us who go down to the seas in our vessels commit ourselves to Your loving care.

May the Lord bless us and keep us. May the Lord make His face to shine upon us and be gracious to us and may the Lord lift up His countenance upon us and grant us peace. And the blessing of God, the Protector of all sailors, be upon this fleet now and always. Amen.

Note: Father Gibbs particularly wanted to note that the late Rev. (and BYC Member and sailor) Larry Guderian provided help and inspiration with the writing of this beautiful blessing.

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Fleet Captain Bob Knudson Resigns
Cites Heavy Professional and Educational Workload

For the first time in recent memory, The BYC has a vacant flag officer’s position open as Dr. Bob Knudson has resigned his post as Fleet Captain. Knudson, who missed several recent BYC events and meetings, blamed his action on a heavy workload as a dentist, including substantial continuing-education requirements keeping up-to-date.

“Bob Knudson has been a great worker for the benefit of our Club”, said Commodore Steve Moore. “I am pleased that he and Rose are firmly committed to keep up their membership and help with our social committee.”

At their meeting on May 18, the Board of Trustees accepted Bob’s resignation with regret, expressing their thanks for the work he has done for over eighteen months in the post.

Moore told the Board that he expected to appoint another Member as Fleet Captain before the next Board Meeting in June, subject to the Board’s ratrification at that time in accordance with the Club’s by-laws.

Although succession is not required, the Fleet Captain’s post is the first in the “chairs” of offices in the BYC. Usually the Fleet Captain is nominated to be the next Rear Commodore, then Vice Commodore, and then Commodore. Elections are held in September.

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Editorial: Help & A Little Gloating

Opinion from a BYC Member with something to say! Obviously, it doesn't reflect the policies or official position of the BYC. You are welcome to give your comments in this section: contact the Jib Sheet editor at 647-0288.

There are folks who always seem ready to help, and Bob and Rose Knudson are two of them. As you saw on Page 1, Bob’s dentistry practice is taking a lot of his time (he’s the age when earning opportunities are greatest, as are a family’s needs) and he’s making the hard decision to step down as our Fleet Captain.

Bob will stay on in the Club, and he and Rose will probably still be helping out a lot especially with social activities, and we’re glad. They’re really nice folks! And maybe, sometime in the not-to-distant future, he’ll have some more time to contribute. Hope so . . .

On another subject, it was fun to help Chuck McCord and Dick Johnson, two other Past Commodore, be “greeters” at our lower-floor Clubhouse door on Opening Day. First, of course, it was fun for us to get all the nice complements on how our Club looks, with the new plaques and trophy cases and all. All three of us have worked on these projects.

But I must admit that it was fun to keep out some free-loaders who have been coming to our Opening Day receptions for years, yet aren’t members! The board (certainly with my support) decided that it was high time that most Club activities be for Club members and their guests only, with the major exceptions being the Opening Day Parade, the Lighted Boat Parade, and the sailing races where non-members have paid for the “race packet“.

Fortunately, though surprised, the folks we turned away left with little fuss. They’re welcome to re-join!

Finally, an administrative note: The Board has approved new locks for the lower main and office doorways. They’re push-button units, with 10 buttons like a phone, and 999,999 combinations. We’ll assign unique codes to up to 40 persons needing easy access. The locks keep a record of when the doors were opened and who did it! Your BYC is going high-tech! —– Joe Coons

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BYC Fridays @ 5 Socials

BYC “Fridays at Five” are scheduled for the first and third Fridays of every month, unless a holiday conflicts. Come anytime between 5PM and 6:30PM for free appetizers and refreshments. Fridays at five are scheduled for Friday, June 2; Friday June 16; Friday, July 7; Friday, July 21; Friday August 4; Friday, August 18; Friday, September 1; and Friday, September 15.

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BYC Programs

BYC SEMINARS AND CLINICS are on the second Tuesday of each month, 7-9PM. May 9: US Power Squadron Boating Safety Seminar. June 13: Boat Chartering in the Virgin Islands. July 11: Kayaking in the Northwest. August 8: Bounty from the Sea: Fish Tasting & Recipes.

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BYC Cruises

See the JIB SHEET for the details on these events, but save the dates now! All these events are designed to include sail and power. More cruises are coming!

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BYC Sailing Races

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the fleet in Blakely Island MarinaSeventeen boats, carrying their owners and guests, came to Blakely Island Marina on April 28-30 for the “Past Commodore’s Cruise”, chaired by Chuck and Roberta McCord and the BYC Blue Gavel chapter of Past Commodores, although, of course, the cruise was open to all BYC Members. Highlights Saturday included a scavenger hunt (won by Joe and Judy Coons even without the oft-handled plaid BVD‘s) and then cocktails and dinner and a drawing; and then on Sunday a sumptuous continental breakfast brought by the McCords. Thanks to all . . . it was fun!

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Welcome New Members!

In May the Board approved eight new members to our BYC family. Their names and boats are:

We welcome all these new (and returning) members! Please help them get/stay acquainted at the Club . . .

New Rosters/Yearbooks will be out in November with all corrections, results for this year, and next year’s schedules.

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The Galley Gourmet is an innovative offering at the Whatcom Community College from 6:30-8:30 PM on June 27, taught by Ray Dunn, co-owner of The Colophon Café. $25 covers the class and exotic halibut dinner.

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Remember the Lifering Program?

Have You Sent In Your Gift/Pledge?

These cash contributions total over $17,000, as Members of the BYC send in cash and fulfill over $22,000 in pledges. Each reduction in the principal lowers the interest we’re paying, giving us even more money for Club programs in coming years. Your Lifering contributions go directly to extra reduction of the debt on our mortgage.

THANKS to each donor so far! Now it’s your turn. You’ll be recognized on the plaque depending on your gift of $100 or more . . . Although many members are choosing just to send in money anonymously. After your gift is received, you’ll get an acknowledgement from Rear Commodore Karen Callery who chairs this fund-raising program.

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BYC Sponsors
Support these folks who support our Club! Thanks!

Boat Repairs:
B'ham Marine Repair, 907 W. Holly 734-6326
Yacht Tec, Russell Deptuch 380-5426
Boatyard @ Colony Wharf, 1001 C St. 715-1000
Boat Brokers & Chartering:
Bellhaven Sailing, #18 HM 647-6636
Grand Yachts Northwest, by Gate 3 676-1248
San Juan Sailing, by Gate 3 671-4300
San Juan Yachting, by Gate 3 671-8089
Canvas & Upholstery:
Sea Wind Canvas, #27 HM 650-0810
Squalicum Marine Upholstery, SM 733-4353
Dr. Bob Knudson, 1415 Commercial St. 671-4480
Top to Bottom Detailing, #16 HM 671-7022
Electric Repairs & Supplies:
Rasmussen Marine Electric, SM 671-2992
San Juan Electronics, #1 HM 733-6264
Engine Repairs:
Tri County Engine, 2696 Roeder 733-8880
Fiberglass Repairs:
Charlie Millsap's Fiberglass Repair 224-2266
Special-T Signs, 2206 Pacific St. 734-7617
Marine Supplies:
LFS, Coho Way 734-3336
Redden Marine, 1411 Roeder Ave. 733-0250
Outboard Motors & Repair:
West Coast Marine Services, 1200 “C” 676-8020
Real Estate:
Phil Dyer, Muljat Group, 510 Lakeway 739-9900
Breakwater Restaurant, at the Club 671-2030
Matt Harris, Marine Consultants, Inc. 647-6966
Mike McGlenn, Michael K McGlenn Inc. 966-4900

(“SM”=Squalicum Mall, “HM” = Harbor Mall)

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