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August 1998

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Welcome Aboard New Members

Vice-Commodore's Message

Chuck McCord, Vice-Commodore

I had the call to stand watch while our Commodore Dave Bradley and wife Penny were on a cruise with a lot of other BYC members. The cruise and outing ties into the Pacific Rim Yacht Club Challenge sailboat race. The Royal Victoria Yacht Club hosted the event and some of our members were helping with the organization and programs. The event attracts challengers from around the world, so I'm sure Commodore Bradley and all the others had a great time.

In taking the watch, it was my duty to keep members up-to-date on the latest Board decisions and changes. June's Board meeting was very active. These items should be of interest to everyone.

1. The Breakwater Restaurant asked for a revision in their lease to clarify their obligation on the members' 10% discount. They are striving to be more competitive and aggressive in doing more banquets and special events. It was agreed by all present that the 10% discount would not apply to any banquets or special events that are already discounted. However, all regular menu items and bar drinks would still receive the 10% membership discount, if you show your membership card when ordering.

2. Commodore Bradley appointed a Task Force of several committees to look into different options the Club might have to possibly retire all of our debts. These options include (a) sell the building, (b) offer stock options, (c) membership bonds, and (d) do nothing and watch all our expenses very closely. The Task Force will also look into what we are as a Club and where we (as a membership) want to go.


Please make every effort to attend the following Task Force Meetings (in the Ward Room):

Final recommendations will be made at the Sept. 3 meeting, and will be presented to members at the next general membership meeting (September 17, 8 pm).

I, for one, would like to see more members come to these meetings and give us your views. As a BYC member, you are invited and encouraged to come to all meetings, including board meetings (held on 3rd Thursday of each month). Get Active and Help Guide Us through this time of transition so we can settle down to having lots of fun events in the very near future.

Summer Challenge: We want to build membership!

If every current member brings in one new member to our Club we can double our fun and our "resources." Talk to your friends, bring them into the Club. As incentive, the Breakwater Restaurant will give a FREE Dinner for Two to the member who brings in the most NEW members between July 1 and September 30.

Fleet Captain Report

Karen Callery, Fleet Captain
Sunday, July 12, 1998

I'm sitting on Commodore Bradley's boat today enjoying the results of the first day of the Pacific Rim Regatta. After three races, oops two, the 3rd was abandoned for lack of wind. The American team is in 2nd place. It's only the beginning, with 10 races left.

Team Bellingham USA skipper, Keith McLean, horizoned the fleet of 12 boats from six countries and scored a 1st place finish for the Americans. Good sailing for Keith, Ray Nelson, and Dawn Durand.

Watch the next Jib Sheet for final results of the regatta. With the crews we have on the water we can hope for a great piece of hardware to be brought home to the BYC.

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club is hosting a first class regatta–a real challenge for the Bellingham Yacht Club in 2002.

The 4th of July Bellingham Yacht Club raftup was a great event. We had 10 boats rafted together–a great night on the bay and a big thanks to the sponsors of the fireworks.

We also have several boats from the BYC attending Whidbey Island Race Week. A busy time for our boatersŠ again, watch the next issue of the Jib Sheet for results.

Okay, now we're sitting here wearing hats of various sizes and stylesŠ thanks to PennyŠ and singing. May all of us have great boating experiences. Here's to calm seas and smooth sailingŠ

Remember to set aside Sunday, Sept. 13 for the Commodore's Picnic; and for you sailors, the Commodore's Cup Race.

Announcing the 1998 Great Bellingham Bay Predicted Log Race

September 12 (1000) € Bellingham Yacht Club
John Gargett

Predicted Log Contests are similar to road rallies on the water. It is a contest where skippers attempt to most accurately predict the time it will take to navigate a specified course in their boat. The course will be provided the morning of the race.

Before departing for the race, skippers will turn in predicted logs that specify the time they expect to use on each leg of the course. Skippers then start onto the course at their predicted starting time.

After starting, an Observer (one will be assigned to you the morning of the race) aboard the boat collects all watches so that the skipper and crew have no knowledge of the actual time during the contest. As each mark is passed, the Observer records the time on the actual log.

After completing the course, the Race Committee will compute the percentage error between the predicted and actual logs for each boat. The skipper with the lowest error is then declared the winner. All it takes is:

A Boat – A Compass – A Tachometer – A Chart

This predicted log race will be a short, but fun, race. Since it has been a while since BYC has had a predicted log race, the goal for this one will be to have fun, yet try to see who can best predict how accurate their knowledge is about their boat's speed.

We are setting this up so any boat is welcome to enter. All you need to do to sign up is to contact either the BYC (733-7390) or John Gargett (734-4115; e-mail: That's it! (And show up at 1000 on Saturday the 12th)

On race day, we will begin at 1000 sharp with a skipper's meeting held in the Ward Room at the Club. At the skipper's meeting, you will be given the course and rules. Each participant will have until 1130 to complete the predicted log sheet. The first boats will depart at 1200.

The race will conclude at 1700 at Inati Bay where we will have an award ceremony as well as a potluck meal on the beach. (And don't forget the 13th is the Commodore's Picnic; so stay the night).

One word of caution–please do not assume that because Inati Bay is the end point that the course will just have a couple of real easy legs.

Finally, there will be a modest entry fee of $10 to help defray the expenses for the trophies and refreshments. This will be payable on the morning of the race.

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Programs Review

Bob and Rose Knudson, Programs cochairs

BYC Kids' Cruise

The BYC kids' were in great form this year. Nine rambuncsious kids ran relay races, tossed water balloons, put costumes together in 15 minutes, and did sidewalk drawings in chalk. Robbie Black and Kelsey Atwood-Knudson spent a lot of time in the Black's dinghy, tethered by a long line to the Nicole Sea. Lisa did have to pull them in once or twice, but, what fun they had! Prizes went to everyone at all events and participation awards were handed out after a great barbecue/potluck dinner. We wrapped up the day with s'mores at the campfire. Thanks to all who helped and participated. A special thanks to Brian and Gretchen Erga, who invited Bob, Rose, Kelsey, and Madeline Knudson to be guests on their boat.

4th of July Barbecue and Raftup

Did the rain ever stop BYC members from having a good time? Noooo! and it didn't this year. We had about 30 people participate in our dockside barbecue and raftup. Another 12 or so visited for cocktails, but had other evening commitments. Thanks to the McCords for all their help with setups and cocktails, Pandora and Daniel Larner for table decorations, additional tables, and their help. To Ray Nelson and Loraine Boland, Brian and Gretchen Erga, and Chuck and Roberta McCord for taking out some of our non-boat-owning members. The fireworks were outstanding this year and it was a perfect ending to a typical Northwest day.

August Events

August is a very busy month for both our boaters and non-boat owners. Bob, the kids, and I will be on vacation for two weeks and will be helping the Membership Committee with the booth at the Northwest Washington Fair when we return, and many of you will also be helping with the Sears, Bemis, Smythe Regatta. So our event of the month will be Friday, August 28, 6 pm. It is a member gathering on the deck of the Breakwater (no-host bar). Look for Special Program Events in the September Jib Sheet. Wine tastings, dinner dances, etc. If you have an idea for a program, call Rose at 734-7756, or email:

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1998 U.S. Junior Sailing Championships

Steve Ross, BYC Chairman

Bellingham is host city for the 1998 U.S. Junior Sailing Championships, commonly referred to as the Sears-Bemis-Smythe Regatta. The events will be hosted by the Bellingham Yacht Club, August 15~20 (see July Jib Sheet).

This event requires a large group of volunteers and support from local boating and business organizations. We need volunteers.

For information, visit BYC's website at or call Steve Ross: 360/738-7677 or If you can help with the race committee, contact Al Callery: 676-0784 or If you can help by providing a boat or driving one, contact Steve Moore: 647-2356 or If you'd be willing to have one or more of the junior sailors stay at your house during this period call Lisa Black: 671-0327 or If you would like to help in another way, please call Steve Ross.

Bellingham has one of the most scenic sailing venues in the country. Please help us make this summer's event one of the best ever by providing hospitality and support to the event.

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First Mates

Any ladies who are interested in attending a First Mates Board meeting, please call the BYC office at 733-7390, and a Board member will be in touch with you.

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Get Involved & VOTE!

Breakwater Entertainment

All groups start playing at 9 pm. NO cover charge.

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