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April 2000

Jib Sheet

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Trustees Approve Comprehensive Growth Plan for April-September

The BYC is undertaking an aggressive new membership program.

After a special meeting at which the Trustees of the Club evaluated its appeal to prospective members, they voted at the regular Board meeting March 16 to implement the plan.

The program is focussed on signing up new, local boating members by early May, when Opening Day will serve as a logical highlight of the campaign.

Recruiting will emphasize answers to these four questions: (1) What are the issues we need to address to make the Club successful; (2) What are the advantages of Club membership; (3) Where are prospective members? and (4) How do we reach them?

A member application enclosed with the Jib Sheet lets you help.

Problems Identified

Trustee Larry Boone served as Chairman of the committee, which began by identifying issues to be dealt with:

(1) We are competing with other boating clubs: It was decided that our Club’s features and benefits (see below), if capitalized upon, far outweighed the other clubs‘ offerings . . . so we must capitalize on them!

(2) We have had a recent practice of letting non-members come to Club events: The Board is changing this by restoring the old guest rules, whereby a visitor to a Club event must be specifically the guest of a member and the number of times a specific guest is allowed will be limited. You’ll be notified as this is implemented.

(3) Some folks perceive we have a lack of “family” programs: To change this, the Program Committee and Fleet Committees will schedule more family events, and Fridays at Five will have an area for kids to play while their parents socialize.

(4) Some believe that BYC is elitist: To deal with this, the Club is going to emphasize that our “elitism” is really a reflection of our 75-year tradition of quality events and programs held for people who are truly interested in having a lot of fun sharing their common interest in boating-related events, while conducting themselves like gentlemen and gentlewomen. This has nothing to do with our Member’s income, age, or background, just their character!

(5) Some feel that the BYC doesn’t have enough cruises: For this coming boating season, the Board agrees we’ve finally got enough events, but we need to do a better job of publicizing them!

(6) Some feel our dues are too high: The Board agreed that the “value” of the Club is a reflection of its programs, and immediately moved to reduce or eliminate “extra” fees for many programs. For example the Race Packet Fee was deleted entirely for members (see story above).

BYC Features and Benefits Analyzed

The Board evaluated the features and benefits of membership. Summarized, these include reciprocal privileges with other clubs, our BYC cruising and racing program, our traditions and well-known Club name, our esprit de corps/camaraderie, our Club’s facilities, our social events and Breakwater discounts, our programs about safety, cruising, etc., and our extraordinary BYC web site (see page 5 for a detailed discussion of these).

Where Are Prospective Members?

The Board has first targeted non-members who live in the immediate Bellingham area, as well as those they defined as “boat owner wannabees”. That there are plenty of prospects from this group is evidenced simply by comparing the number of boats moored in Squalicum Harbor and being launched on a sunny day at the launching ramps with the number of BYC Members!

Other folks who will be targeted by the campaign include folks “between boats“; non-resident prospects; those who belong to other clubs; folks who want to be involved as racing crew members; non-boaters who want to be around the water; and newcomers to the area.

How To Reach Prospective Members?

To reach candidates for membership, the greatest effort will be put into development of flyers and membership materials to be distributed on opening day to everyone on the docks. The web site and some other advertising will also be used for promotion of the program.

Special “Diamond Jubilee” Offer

To encourage prospects to “Sign Up Now!”, a special “Diamond Jubilee Introductory Membership Offer” is being made by the Board of Trustees to celebrate the Club’s 75th Anniversary of service to boaters. This special membership, good for the Opening Day – September 30 period (the remainder of the “Club Year”), will have dues of only $75, with no initiation fee. This discount of over 40% on the regular dues for five months represents a great inducement to try the Club. Holders of an Introductory Membership will get full Club benefits except they will only be able to vote in Club elections or at Membership meetings if they have already extended their membership paying the regular rates for the 2000-2001 year beginning October 1.

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The success of the campaign detailed here is dependent upon every Club Member’s help to succeed! If each of us bring in just one friend, we will double our membership! At this “Diamond Jubilee” price, the applicant risks little. Fill out the application, have the prospect sign it and attach his check, and give it to a BYC officer or trustee or mail it to the office. DO IT TODAY!

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Members’ Sailing Fees Gone; Sailors’ Trial Available

During the 2000 racing season there will be no charge to BYC Members for their racing packets: They’ll be included in your Club dues.

For non-members of the BYC, the racing program carries a racing packet charge of $100.

However, the Board prorated the $75 “Diamond Jubilee Trial Offer” to $90 for anyone who wishes to be in the Club April 1 – September 30, a period including all the racing series for spring and summer 2000!

As you can see, it is actually cheaper to join the Club and get free racing than just to buy the packet if you aren’t already a member!

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Blakely Cruise April 28-30

Past Commodore Chuck McCord is the cruisemaster for the BYC cruise to the Blakely Island marina Friday-Sunday April 28-30. Boaters may choose to come on Friday or Saturday; though Friday will be casual with no specific program other than one-on-one socializing. Called The Past Commodores’ Cruise, it’s nonetheless open to all members! The nearby harbor and the date make it a perfect “shakedown” cruise for Opening Day, one week later, and for sailors: It’s close enough!

Saturday there will be some activities organized for boaters on hand during the afternoon, and a refreshment hour beginning at 5PM, to which we ask that you bring an appetizer plate to share. At 1900, there’ll be a steak BBQ (we‘ll have the charcoal), bring your own steak and you can barbecue it . . . or Chuck will..

Call Chuck at 384-0110 and let him know if you’re coming. Moorage rates are very nominal at Blakely Island, the harbor is well protected, and the facilities including restrooms are very nice.

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2000 Cruise Schedule

In addition to the extensive sailing racing schedule published last month and on the Club bulletin board (with 42 races scheduled!), our BYC has the following recreational cruises scheduled:

Stay tuned to the JIB SHEET for the details on all these events, but save the dates now! Note that all these events are designed to include sail and power.

There will be more cruise dates set in the months to come. . . including longer trips to Desolation Sound, we expected.

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Comments from the Lifering Chair

Karen Callery, Rear Commodore

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors to the Life Ring Program, and to the committee whose work made the program so successful.

When I was given the challenge to come up with a program to bring additional funding into our club I really had no idea that a volunteer donation program like our Life Ring Program would be so successful. The response has been overwhelming. As of 3/15/00 the Program has brought in $16,150. The total amount has been used only for reduction of our debts. Your continued support of Bellingham Yacht Club each and every month makes the work that the committee put forth rewarding.

I hope that all of you have had the opportunity to see the Life Ring Plaque that is in our Ward Room. It will be continually updated with new contributors and existing contributors moved into appropriate categories as the donations continue.

Each month in our Jib Sheet is a donation form to use (see below). Attaching this to your donation assists me in making sure your name appears on the plaque as you wish. Again, thank you for your continued support of the Bellingham Yacht Club.

AS KAREN SAID, these cash contributions total over $16,000 so far, as Members of the BYC send in cash and fulfill over $20,000 in pledges to date. Each reduction in the principal lowers the interest we’re paying, too, giving us more money for Club programs in the years to come.

THANKS to each donor so far! Now it’s your turn. Here’s the form: You’ll be recognized on a plaque depending on your gift of $100 or more . . . Although many members are choosing just to send in money anonymously. After your gift is received, you’ll get an acknowledgement from Rear Commodore Karen Callery who chairs this fund-raising program —– ed.

Clip & Mail to: Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club,
2625 Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225 USA

I want the Club to serve boaters and prosper, and I will contribute $ ________ to the Lifering program.
[ ] Check enclosed [ ] I will pay $________ [monthly] [quarterly]. Bill me.

Please show contributor name(s) on the plaque as:

Signed: ___________________________________________
Name(s): __________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________
Phone Number: ____________________________________

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Imagine a volunteer organization 75 years old and still going strong … That’s the Bellingham Yacht Club!

Founded in 1925 when a group of ardent boaters tied their boats up at the Pacific American Fisheries yard in Fairhaven, the Club had 80 members by July of that year. In 1928 the Club secured a spot on Chuckanut Bay, and soon had a small clubhouse and a dock.

In 1946, the Club acquired a building at the foot of Cornwall avenue. The building had been an office, then was used by the Coast Guard before the BYC used it.

In 1965 the Club moved to its present location, and the old building was sold and barged to LaConner, now the Lighthouse Restaurant. The new building was expanded in 1970 and substantially remodeled in 1986. Although on the books at only $273,000, this large waterfront building is the Club’s major asset. The main floor is leased to the Breakwater Restaurant, which provides the income to retire the Club’s mortgage so that dues can be used primarily for Club activities.

Membership peaked in the early 1980’s with about 2,200 members, but most were “social members” who wanted to use the Club’s private dining room — there were less places to eat in Bellingham back then! As lifestyles changed and restaurants proliferated, membership dropped to the present 250 members, most of whom own boats and are involved in activities.


The hub of boating activity in Bellingham at the newly renovated Gate 3 at Squalicum Harbor, the BYC has the most extensive facilities in the Fourth Corner, including the largest yacht club reciprocal/member courtesy dock north of Everett. Meeting facilities, showers, rest rooms, and more are available for free use by members on a first-come, first-served basis when not in use for club-wide events. The excellent Breakwater Restaurant on the premises offers fine dining; all BYC members get a 10% discount at the restaurant at all times.


BYC's unique activities include the Opening Day celebration (which the Club officially sponsors), the holiday season Lighted Boat Parade, the fall “Commodore’s Ball” dinner and dance, the “Commodore’s Picnic” at Inati Bay with free boat trans-portation for “boatless“ members (both “commodores‘” events are open to all members, of course), the popular twice-monthly Fridays at Five casual socials where members come together for refreshments, chatting, and mini-programs, and frequent major seminars, programs, and other special events.


As a member of BYC you enjoy reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs including free visitor’s moorage. You enjoy this at other clubs because the BYC offers it to their members: it’s “reciprocal”. That means that at most yacht clubs in the world you can find a "piece of home", talk with someone with common interests and enjoy the camaraderie associated with boating. Because of our reputation and tradition, you and your "family" can expect to be treated as respected guests. No other local boating club offers the extent of privileges or prestige offered to BYC members.


Try one of BYC's cruises as our guest. Enjoy fun, a social atmosphere, a chance for your kids to meet other kids, safety by having other boats to help you if you need it, and a wonderful opportunity to do something you enjoy with others who are exploring other places in their boat just as you do. On our cruises, we often have, potlucks, games for kids and adults and always, the company of other boaters. Friends met on these cruises often remain friends for life. Each cruise has a “cruisemaster” who will be glad to help newer boaters with guidance and answers to all their questions: our members love to help!

Of course, the BYC program is nationally recognized. We have the races, the equipment (including mark boats), the volunteers, the facilities, the experience and the contacts. We also have a reputation for doing it right. Annual events include the One.Design Regatta, the PITCH regatta (2000 will be the 25th!), regular scheduled weekly races and special weekend long.distance races. All our races are free to members.


BYC has an outstanding tradition of service to boaters and families interested in boating. For over 75 years it has been the eminent yacht club in the fourth corner, with a history of philan-thropy for boating projects, and active and dedicated members. It has by far the greatest name recog-nition in the area and is ranked with the most-admired clubs in the West.


BYC members enjoy the camaraderie of doing things with friends. As a member of the BYC, whether a power boater or a sailor, you will meet others who enjoy the same things you do: cruising the islands, racing your sailboat, learning more about boating and getting the most out of your boat. As a member you will make life.long friends with others who enjoy boating and socializing here in the great Pacific Northwest.


Our Club is the only one north of Seattle with an outstation. It is located at beautiful, secure Inati Bay on Lummi Island, and the Club has leased it for many years from the owners. Although only a short distance away, it is a world away from the hectic lives we lead on shore. Every weekend in the summer, (and many in the fall, winter, and spring) you will find BYC members enjoying the relaxing atmosphere Inati Bay provides. At the Bay we have outhouses, a storage facility, and stern-tie rings, and BYC volunteers keep the property mowed and shipshape. Unlike other “stuffy” clubs, the BYC lets other boaters use this facility as another one of our services to the boating community.


The Club has two substantial publications. There the annual Roster and Yearbook which includes not only schedules and membership lists, but many reference items including reciprocal clubs’ names and addresses, marine vendors, photos, even first aid tips! The Club’s monthly newsletter, The Jib Sheet, is a first-class publication that includes Club news and the schedule of events. A boating tips column is in every issue, as are numerous stories from the area and region.


In the past several years, the BYC has improved its financial viability substantially! With debt now less than one-fourth of the market value of our property and equipment, and a strong restaurant operator providing cash flow, The Club can afford to put more money into member programs than any other Club in the region . . . And as debt disappears (at the present rate that will only take six years) the Club will be able to devote even more money to its various activities without raising dues!


The BYC is governed by elected Trustees and Officers. Most are boat owners. All make a serious commitment to the Club. And the Club’s internal operations include proper and secure business practices to protect members.


If you want to see the kinds of things we do, take a look at our web site, In addition to Club news, the site has links to weather in our waters and those in B.C., tips for boaters, logs from travels to Alaska and on the East Coast, and more. It’s a cornucopia of information, a click away!

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A Sample BYC Family: Alan and Karen Callery

Al and Karen Callery are a typical BYC family in many ways. Members of the Club since 1986, Al and Karen first joined in order to be involved in the Club’s extensive sailing program. Al’s in the computer systems area at the Intalco Works, and Karen is a draftsperson with the Port of Bellingham.

“We bought a Catalina 25, liked the Lighted Boat Parade, joined the BYC, and been in every parade since!”

First only in racing, Al and Karen soon were taking an interest in other Club affairs. They’ve worked on special cruises for handicapped persons, youth sailing, and Al has served as Sail Fleet Captain and chair of numerous sailing events. They have represented the Club in the BYC-started Pacific Rim Invitational Race here, in Australia, New Zealand, and Victoria, B.C.

Karen and Al’s daughter, Heather, crewed with them for several years, and Heather and her new husband Shawn now help out on races. The family’s activities have earned it selection as “BYC Boating Family of the Year” (two times) but once for the entire northern region by the Northwest Marine Trades Association.

Recently Karen has become involved in the Club’s governance, serving as a Board member then as an officer “going through the chairs” and expected to be Commodore in two years.

“Our support of the Club comes from our love for boating, and our commitment to Bellingham‘s life style. And the Club’s brought us a lot of great friendships!”, she says. And she’s brought and given a lot to us, too!

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Here’s the BYC’s Diamond Anniversary Membership Offer

We want you to try our Club. We’ve decided the best way to make this happen is to give you a special “Trial Membership”.

Here’s the deal:

Respond to this offer, and get a full membership in the Club. You and your family can attend all the programs, the socials, the sailboat races and power cruises, Opening Day as a member (including the by-invitation-only Members’ Reception) and come to the Commodores’ Picnic at our Inati Bay Outstation. (No boat? We’ll arrange a ride!)

Memberships will start April 1 or May 1, and continue until September 30, 2000.

Normally, full membership in the Club (we call it “Active” membership) is about 954 per day, but we’re offering this Diamond Anniversary Trial Membership for only $15/month, about 494 per day! You can select either plan:

To sign up, fill out the form below and follow the submission instructions. Thanks for considering this!

Here is the “fine print”:

1) There is NO installation/other fee. No stock to buy (BYC no longer offers stock). You may renew at regular dues just as any member does for October.

2) This offer is open to anyone except those who were prior BYC Members in any part of the 1999-2000 year.

3) All applications are subject to Board of Trustees approval. You will be notified of acceptance.

4) As a Trial Member, you cannot vote in our Elections or at Club business meetings unless you have already affirmatively responded to our membership renewal notice that is mailed in August and paid dues for the new Club year which begins for all members October 1, 2000. We have this requirement so our existing loyal members are treated fairly. )

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Some BYC Members . . .

Pete & Norma Acalin, Kim & Lynda Alfreds, Reg & Rita Alvord, Peter & Pat Ambrose, Robert & Marie Anderson - Wayne & Ann Austin - Gary & Mary Baker - Joe Bartlett & Dawn Durand - Rod & Karen Bauer - Charles & Mary Pat Beard - David & Virginia Benton - Leon Berman - Warren & Glenette Bestwick - Jack & Lisa Black - Larry W. Boone - Bruce Bowden - David & Penny Bradley - Brent & Patricia Brown - Jack & Beverly Brownrigg - Terry Buzzard - Richard Cady - James & Anne Caldwell - Karen & Al Callery - Joseph & Marta Carrico - William & Jeanne Carroll - Jerry & Kathey Chambers - Art & Lani Choat - Robert Christy – Joe & Judy Coons - James Corcoran - Michael D. Corcoran - Frances Collins – Richard & Ardeth Crim - Troy & Brandi Curran - Donald & Patricia Dangelmaier - Earl & Arlene Dangelmaier - George & Marjorie Davenport - John C. deValois & Debbie Schaan - James & Susan DeGolier - Jack Delay & Patricia Decker - Michael Deman - Bob & Conni Diehl - Jim & Candace Doud - Raymond & Ardis Dumett - Michael & Phyllis Dunn - Phil & Denise Dyer - Frank & Chance Earle - Fred & Joan Elsethagen - Herb Ennen – Jody Erickson - Ron & Nancy Erickson - Mitchell & Betty Evich - Al & Bettie Florence - Pete & Jamie Foti - Maurice & Julie Fox - Robert & Kathleen Fritz - Robert & Karen Galbraith - Alice Gardner - George & Josephine Gargett - John & Monica Gargett - Chris & Joan Gay - Gerald & Michelle Gaylord – John Gerity - Robert & Ruth Gibb - Reed J. Gillig - Robert & Doris Goetz - Roy & Ginger Grady - Dick & Virginia Green - Helen Griffin – Marty & Gail Haines - Vern & Marie Hale - Bruce & Lynne Hamilton - Walter & Linda Hardy - Ted Harmer - Max Harrison - F. Murray & Betty Haskell - David & Sharon Heaps - Norrin & Karen Heggem - Richard & Nancy Hempler - James & Anne Hildebrand - Thomas & Janet Hoffmann - C. Richard Hughes - Robert & Charlotte Hutton - Ken Ireland – Henry Jansen - Maurice & Mary Jensen - Robert Jerstedt & Mary Foster - Dick Johnson - Mark & Michelle Johnson - Jack & Reta Kahn - Nick & Markell Kaiser - Bob & Judy Kehoe - Max King - Davie & Karen Knott - Bob & Rose Knudson - Jerry & Leigh Krikava - Richard & Sandra Labadie - Daniel Land & Patti Ingraham - Daniel & Pandora Larner - Ted & Beth Livingston - David & Sharon Loeppky - David Lowe - Richard & Barbara Lynch - Jerry & Marian Main - Ken & Char Malseed - Edward & Helen Margolis - Jane Maricle - Charles Martin - Jack & Wanda May - Alta McClellan - Chuck & Roberta McCord - Keith & Pam McLean - J.P. & M.J. McMullen - Mike & Dianne Melton - Patricia Mills - Bob & Dorothy Moles - Dick & Sheridan Montag - Terry & Marie Montonye - Steve & Diane Moore - David Morse Jr & Jan Marchbanks - Tim & Verna Mumford - Ralph & Bonnie Neher - Richard & Loismarie Nelle - Kris & Ken Nelson – Patricia Nelson - Ray Nelson & Loraine Boland - Riggs & Gay Nelson - Dave & Darlena New – Bob & Irene Newell - Katherine Niedhamer - Gary & Mary Nordquist - Dan & Bunny Olson - Irving & June Olson - Joe & Margie Orem - Cathy Page - Bud & Lois Peterson - Bud Peth - Gordon & Robin Plume - Joel & Lynda Pooley - Ray Poorman - Luzenia Redpath - Michael & Karen Reed – Darrell & Maryn Reid - Frank & Nancy Repanich - Frank Richardson – Ron & Debbie Rietman - Bruce Rinker - Dan & Patricia Robbins - Evan Rogers – Shannon Ross - Steve & Meredith Ross - Philip & Berthe-Marie Rosser - Arne Rupke - Robert & Lori Ryan - Margaret Sahlin - Roger & Gerry Anne Sahlin - Robert & Leslee Saxton - Wolfgang & Agelica Schlager - Tom & Linda Selman - Quinn & Roberta Selsor - Clara & Richard Severson - Andrew & Joan Sheret - Howard Slagle & Colleen Koplowitz - F. D. Ricky Smith - Fredda Smith - Gerald & Katherine Smith - Robert & Madeleine Smith - William & Linnea Smith - Sherman & Janet Starkenburg - Irving & Minnie Sternoff - Katherine Stewart – Gordon & Beverly Sullivan - H. D. & Ann Sutherland - Dean & Maja Swanson - Bud & Maggie Swanson - Steve & Kellie Szirom - Robert & Linda Tanons - John & Misty Thomas - Adolph & Marion Tiddens - David & Bev Toraason - Norman & Margaret Townsend - Frank & Margaret Travis - Roger & Marlene Van Dyken - Casey & Jerry Vermeulen - Dick & Maryjane Vetter - Dan & Gloria Walker - Jerry Walton - Bob Warshawer - Arthur & Margaret Watts - David Wehrly - Larry & Linda Weidkamp - Hugh Wiebe - Dottie Wilkins - Sheldon Wilkins - C.B. & Anna Williams - Earl & Naomi Williams - James & Ellen Williams - Allison M Williams - Rick & Lynn Wilson - Robert & Marcia Wilson - Dorothy Wimbush - William & Elaine Wood - Walt & Patricia Wright - Jerry & Mary Writer - Eric & Dana Yaremko - George & Pearl Yewell - Barney & Joyce Yorkston - Shirley Zell . . . and some more we missed!

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Past Commodore Ray Greene Dies

Past Commodore Ray Greene died March 12, 2000.

Ray was a long-time member of our Club, and for many years was one of the area’s most active boaters, not only here at the Club but as an instructor with the local United States Power Squadron unit.

As skipper of his classic yacht ARGEE, Ray was a frequent participant in the area’s predicted log races, and between this activity’s requirement for familiarity with the region’s tides and currents, marks, and shorelines, and his instructor’s work, his knowledge of boating and particularly of the local waters was encyclopedic!

“I remember one trip with Ray”, a local member said. “We were coming through Peavine pass on a foggy day, and he was a passenger. He said ‘Take a heading of 035 magnetic. That should put you just north of Buckeye Shoal.’ Of course, it was right out of his head, and he was right! It was amazing.

Joe Coons remembers the time that Ray was quietly listening to a debate at a meeting of Past Commodores during one of the Club’s financial crises in the mid-’90’s. After a particularly tense exchange between an older member and one of the Club’s officers, Greene stepped in. “Listen fellows, these guys are doing there best. The most important thing for us to do is stick behind them and help them out!”

That was Ray Greene: Knowledgeable, helpful, and a loyal BYC member to the end.

Our members join in extending sympathy to Ray’s wife, Lyn, his daughters Barbara, Elizabeth and Patty, and other survivors.

The Club has sent a contribution in Ray’s memory to his favorite charity, the Mount Baker Organ Society. You might guess: Ray was also a skilled organist!

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Fridays At Five Continue with FUN!

Each Friday at Five has 20 or 30 Members on hand for fun and refreshments, and a good program.

The March 3 program featured (and was hosted by) Al and Karen Callery with some great photos and video of the Pacific Rim Challenge regatta and the America’s Cup races . . . Al and Karen had just gotten back from Australia and New Zealand a few days before.

On March 17, Jody Erickson entertained all of us with her “Cinco de Shamrock” refreshments and a great presentation about chartering in the Sea of Cortez with a 50’ sailboat from The Moorings, a well known charter company. Jody’s northwest-pale audience enjoyed her tanned demeanor as she presented a very interesting program.

April 7 is the next Friday at Five, and Chuck and Roberta McCord are hosting it. They’re planning on showing Desolation Sound videos, and getting us all stoked up for the summer cruising season. They always do a good job!

Don’t miss an important BYC membership benefit: Come to Fridays at Five events! They’re scheduled the first and third Friday of every month!

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BOAT/US Membership: A Good Deal!

If you’re a BYC Member, and want to add (or continue) a BOAT/US member as well, you’re entitled to a special discoiunt on your BOAT/US dues. Here’s how it works:

To become a member, fill out one of the applications on the downstairs literature table at the Club. In the “Annual Membership Dues” space, cross out $19.00 and fill in “Cooperating Group – $9.50”. You save $9.50! You’ll also find BOAT/US literature there.

Do the same thing when you renew: Cross out the $19.00 and insert $9.50.


This is another of our BYC “deals” that save you money. It’s a good organization to belong to, too: you get lots of good discounts from them in their catalog!

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Opening Day is May 6!

Reed Gillig and Bob Kehoe are co-chairs of this year’s Opening Day activities here at the BYC, and their plans are really in high gear as the date approaches.

With a theme of BYC’s Diamond 75th Anniversary, Into the New Millenium, there are lots of opportunities to dress and/or decorate in the old-fashioned or X-files manner, and, of course, the traditional “blue jackets-white pants” style with a full-dress boat is always correct, even though you may not win a prize!

Here’s the schedule for Saturday, May 6 as it’s known as we go to press:

Awards will be presented in the evening at the Breakwater.

Moorage up front is being managed by Bob Kehoe, call 676-0898.

Other questions: Call Reed Gillig, days, at 676-2542.

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Monthly Programs Set Beginning in April!

The Indefatigatable Jody Erickson and her Program Committee has scheduled meetings every month on the second Tuesday for regular meetings with programs for BYC Members; some will be open to the public (at a charge) to serve as BYC outreach boating introduction and training sessions.

On the schedule now are:

Events on the following monthly second Tuesday will be announced in future Jib Sheets. Events now set include Alaska cruising, a fish tasting event(!), a history of the BYC and boating in the Bay, kayaking, a Santa’s visit.

If you have a program you’d like to present, contact Jody at 738-9647.

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Financial Report

Karen Callery, Rear Commodore & Treasurer

Our year to date financial reports continue the trend that began in 1998. Our considerable cash reserves of $35,600, plus our prepaid items (particularly our reciprocal dock) totaling $11,660 give us good liquidity, assuring us of the ability to pay our remaining bills through September 30, when the new 2000-2001 year begins and next year‘s dues start to come in.

On the Income Statement, although our reduced membership shows a drop of $4,488, improved restaurant and moorage income has reduced the income shortfall to only $1,728. Expenses are in line with last year, which is serving as our budget, except for building repairs and maintenance, up $5,142, almost exactly the cost of the roof repairs done in December and January. In spite of this big expense, our year-to-date loss is a modest $1,915, which we expect to make up before year-end.

We will continue to monitor our finances carefully, and invite any of you who wish to study our situation more deeply to call me or Joe Coons.

BALANCE SHEET as of 2/29/00 2/28/99
Cash $ 35, 607. $ 41,027.
Accounts Receivable 16,140. 16,791.
Other Current Assets 11,664. 2,817.
Total Current Assets 63,411. 60,635.
Fixed Assets, net of Dep’n 288,321. 306,661.
Total Assets $ 351,733. $ 367,297.
Current Liabilities* $ 34,575. $ 41,958.
Building Mortgage 184,615. 209,402.
Equity 132,543. 113,966.
Tot. Liabilities & Equity $ 351,733. $ 367,297.
INCOME STATEMENT 10/99 – 2/00 10/98 – 2/99
Dues $ 16,364. $ 20,852.
Building Income 20,750. 19,000.
Past Commodores’ Contribs 1,042. 300.
Moorage & Other 7,536. 6,320.
Total Income $ 45,692. $ 46,472.
Building Expenses $ -13,445. $ -10,866.
Program Expenses -14,109 -10,427.
Administrative Expenses** -12,794. -15,835.
Interest Income 384. 175.
Interest expense -7,643. -7,159.
Total Expenses $ -47,607. -44,112.
PROFIT (“-” = LOSS) $ -1,915. $ 2,360.
* Includes dues received from members not yet earned of $19,315/$19,736.
** Includes depreciation of $10,000/$10,670

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Opinion from a BYC Member with something to say! Obviously, it doesn't reflect the policies or official position of the BYC. You are welcome to give your comments in this section: contact the Jib Sheet editor at 647-0288.

I have been incredibly impressed with two big jobs that have been undertaken in the past couple of months at our Club.

Larry Boone, Chairman of the Membership Committee has done a great job with his diverse group of Members, Trustees, and Officers that studied “where we are, where we going, and how to get there”. Larry never let the meetings get off track, and kept everyone focussed.

Just as Karen Callery’s Lifering program has significantly, positively, affected your Club, I think that the “Diamond Anniversary Trial Membership” campaign Larry and his troops have designed could get our BYC growing again!

Of course, those of us who have paid dues or made contributions to the Club at a higher rate than $15 per month could make an issue out of the “discount” we’re offering. But the reality is that the program is designed to increase membership without a lot of “giveaways” or advertising expense, and the cost of one additional member is just five more Jib Sheets, a Roster, and a little volunteer labor. A good trade-off, if we can keep these new members in and active . . . And that’s up to us!

The other great volunteer accomplishment was led by Keith McLean, who worked with Dick Johnson and others to re-do the ceiling in the “serving area” next to the bar by the Ward Room. Dry-walling a ceiling isn’t fun, but doing that, getting the light fixtures moved, and generally making this a much nicer area has been a terrific contribution to our wonderful facilities.

Dick Johnson, Building and House Committee chairman, says more good changes are coming, many in time for opening day. Stay tuned . . . The show should be a good one!

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Welcome New Members!

In February the Board approved three new members to our BYC family. They are: Frank Richardson and Gerald and Michelle Gaylord

Both of these memberships are for boaters that spend a lot of time on the water! Frank is a full-time live-aboard, cruising in his 42’ Monk-designed custom built cruiser. Jerry and Michelle’s 50’ long-range cruiser is their home away from home much of the year. Both couples joined the BYC because our location is so near their preferred cruising grounds, and soon as they arrived here on their first visit, they bought BYC hats, polos, and burgees to make it official.

Also joining us was the proprietor of Squalicum Marine, our advertiser and BYC supporter: Tim Mumford … Tim has helped the Club in many ways, recently. It’s a delight to have him with us! Welcome!

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Jazz at the Breakwater

The Breakwater Restaurant is joining the Jazz Project to feature an outstanding list of local and regional jazz artists for your entertainment. With performances at the Breakwater on most Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can enjoy great music and dining . . . And members save 10%!

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BYC Sponsors
Support these folks who support our Club! Thanks!

Boat Repairs:
B'ham Marine Repair, 907 W. Holly 734-6326
Yacht Tec, Russell Deptuch 380-5426
Boatyard @ Colony Wharf, 1001 C St. 715-1000
Boat Brokers & Chartering:
Bellhaven Sailing, #18 HM 647-6636
Grand Yachts Northwest, by Gate 3 676-1248
San Juan Sailing, by Gate 3 671-4300
San Juan Yachting, by Gate 3 671-8089
Canvas & Upholstery:
Sea Wind Canvas, #27 HM 650-0810
Squalicum Marine Upholstery, SM 733-4353
Dr. Bob Knudson, 1415 Commercial St. 671-4480
Top to Bottom Detailing, #16 HM 671-7022
Electric Repairs & Supplies:
Rasmussen Marine Electric, SM 671-2992
San Juan Electronics, #1 HM 733-6264
Engine Repairs:
Tri County Engine, 2696 Roeder 733-8880
Fiberglass Repairs:
Charlie Millsap's Fiberglass Repair 224-2266
Special-T Signs, 2206 Pacific St. 734-7617
Marine Supplies:
LFS, Coho Way 734-3336
Redden Marine, 1411 Roeder Ave. 733-0250
Outboard Motors, Sterndrives, & Repair:
West Coast Marine Services, 1200 “C” 676-8020
Real Estate:
Phil Dyer, Muljat Group, 510 Lakeway 739-9900
Breakwater Restaurant, at the Club 671-2030
Matt Harris, Marine Consultants, Inc. 647-6966
Mike McGlenn, Michael K McGlenn Inc. 966-4900

(“SM”=Squalicum Mall, “HM” = Harbor Mall)

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At BELLHAVEN SAILING, Tom Krabbenhoft and his associates will help you get involved in sailing fun! If you’re looking for a boat, they have a big selection of brokerage boats, and a huge database of boats around the world. If you want to be a better sailor, they have a fine sailing school. If you don’t have a boat, but aren’t in a position to buy one, their charter fleet will be the answer. And if you already are a sailboat owner, they’ll show you how putting your boat into charter can pay the bills! See them at #18 Harbor Mall, or call 733-6636

There are some companies where customer service is so positive, folks just keep coming back. One is WEST COAST MARINE SERVICES, where Pete and Jamie Foti and crew have been selling and servicing fine boats and motors for years! As dealers and authorized service providers for Honda, Evinrude, and Johnson Outboards, OMC Cobra, Mercruiser and Volvo Penta Stern Drives, and Harbercraft Boats, they have the parts and honest help you’ll need to have a trouble-free time on the water. At 1200 C Street, 676-8020.

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