Bellingham Yacht Club – Volunteer for Events

Volunteers of the life blood of our club and we sincerely appreciate those members who have stepped up to help out.

Welcome to CERVIS

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for the club, but didn’t know how or who to ask? As a committee chairperson, have you ever wished you had a better way to identify and manage volunteers for your committee? Well now we have a solution for you. CERVIS Technologies is a web-based volunteer management software which BYC is using to manage both individual event and committee volunteers. On this page you can sign up to volunteer for specific events or to join a committee for the current year. We are implementing events and committees in stages. The first was the BYC volunteer bartenders, which is open for registration to the current list of qualified bartenders each month. We have also implemented the system for our Tuesday and Wednesday night racing schedules which are tracked by each series. In addition, we have set up several regattas including the recently completed 505 North American Championships where the system proved invaluable in managing the large number of volunteers.

All local active BYC Members have been imported into the system from our BYC Membership database. On your initial login you will be required to set up a password. The initial information required for first time login is your first name, your email address and your mobile phone number that were provided to us when you joined BYC. If your information is not correct in the BYC database, or you are receiving a message that you are not currently a registered in the CERVIS volunteer system, you will need to contact me at 360-220-0444 or and I will give you the login information we used. Please be patient as we work out the kinks during our learning phase. Once you have your password changed, you will be presented with the opportunity to verify or change your profile information. Review the information and be sure to correct any incorrect information. Also be sure to review the list of interests and select any areas you would be willing to volunteer.

First Time Sign-In

You should create a password and verify account information before selecting an event for which to volunteer from the events listed below. If you have not yet signed in to set up a password and verify your account information, click here.

For help with your initial sign in, click the link at the top of this page entitled “Need Help Signing in to CERVIS – Click Here“.

Volunteer for an Event or Committee

Once you have completed the one-time password and profile updates, you can click on any of the events or committees listed to the right and you will be taken directly to the event or committee project. If you are not currently a BYC volunteer bartender, but would like to become one, go ahead and sign in to the CERVIS system and select “Update Your Profile”. Under the “Interests” category, select “Bartending”. This will alert the bar manager that you are interested in becoming a bartender and he will contact you.

Thank you for helping out the Bellingham Yacht Club through your volunteer efforts!