Rental Policies

Scheduling: Reservations for rentals may be scheduled up to 12 months in advance of requested date(s).

Facility Inspection: The renter has had a reasonable opportunity to inspect the facilities to be rented and agrees to rent them as is. BYC provides no warranty that the facilities to be rented are appropriate or suitable for the renter’s intended use.

Supervision: BYC will provide limited supervision of the rented facilities on the date of the event and will determine if an attendant is needed to supervise facilities for event. Charge for an attendant is $150 flat rate fee. In addition, the renter promises to exercise appropriate supervision and control over the rented facilities with invited guests. The renter is responsible for safe working conditions and for any injuries or damage arising out of or resulting from the renter’s use of BYC facilities, including any damage to property. Unless, otherwise arranged, the renter is responsible for returning the rented facilities to the condition in which they were found.

Catering/Kitchen Access: BYC will provide an approved caterers list. Caterers on this list have been granted access to the kitchen and may act as the attendant on duty. Groups may use the Marina Room without kitchen access or catering and will not be charged an attendant fee. Accessing kitchen without approval will result in forfeiture of the damage deposit.

Conduct: Pursuant to WAC 495B-140-11, signatories of the rental agreement, as well as adult organization leaders, are responsible for group conduct and are expected to remain with their group during activities.

Equipment: Arrangements for the use of equipment or services must be made 2 weeks prior to the rental date. The use of any equipment will be on an “as is” basis. BYC provides no warranty that any equipment used by the renter will be appropriate or suitable for the renter’s intended use, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Unless otherwise arranged, the renter is responsible for returning equipment in the condition in which it was found. The renter is responsible for any injuries or damage arising out of or resulting from the renter’s use of BYC’s equipment, including any damage to BYC’s property. BYC will not, absent some other express agreement, be providing supervision of the renter’s equipment.

Insurance: Renter may be required to procure event insurance with $1,000,000 in liability coverage, naming Bellingham Yacht Club and the Port of Bellingham as additional insureds. Insurance is normally readily available as a rider on a homeowner’s policy, or from local agents or online sources. The insurance rider, if requested, shall be submitted to the BYC at least 2 weeks prior to event.

Liability: The user assumes responsibility for damage to the facility and its amenities during the time of usage. Any property damaged beyond normal \wear and tear may be replaced or repaired at the option of the BYC Facilities Mgr. and/or the BYC Board of Trustees at the user’s expense. Liability will be the actual repair or replacement cost.

BYC assumes no responsibility to the renter for the consequences of any negligent act or omission of any third party. The renter is responsible for damages caused or incurred by third parties (excluding invitees of the BYC) during the renter’s possession of the premises.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold the Bellingham Yacht Club harmless for injuries to person or persons, including death, damage to property, loss of time and/or any and all other loss or damages, whether caused or occasioned by the negligence of the BYC, its employees, members, or any other persons whatsoever, arising from the use, operation or rental of said building or facilities therein or thereupon. The Bellingham Yacht Club will not be liable for any loss or damage to any items left in the facility after the specified rental period.

Use Restriction: BYC reserves the right to prohibit the use of facilities by groups which restrict membership or participation in a manner inconsistent with BYC’s commitment to nondiscrimination as set forth in its written policies and rules. No use other than what is specified in this agreement is to occur.

No children under the age of 18 years will be allowed to use any part of the facility without the supervision of an adult.

Alcohol: The serving of alcoholic beverages is permitted within designated consumption areas and not to be taken beyond or consumed outside the facility or designated areas. Appropriate alcohol permits for service must be obtained from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Control Board website, with licenses submitted to BYC at least 2 weeks prior to event date. Licenses shall be posted at service area(s) on the date of the event. Service of alcohol must be provided by BYC hired bartenders.

Authority to Sign: The individual who signs on behalf of the renting organization affirms that he or she has authority to sign on behalf of that organization. Pursuant to WAC 495B-140-100, this individual is responsible for the organization‘s debt if the organization fails to pay amount due.