2020 BYC Annual Elections Notice

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From Commodore Scott McEniry:


It’s the time of year where our Bylaws dictate it’s time to start the elections process.  The first step is this formal Call for Nominations.

The Bellingham Yacht Club relies on the selfless sacrifice of our volunteers, and there is no better way to give back to the Club than serving on the Board and Bridge.   Your Club needs you in these roles, more so now than ever before.  Our elections for the Board and Bridge are coming next month, and I urge you to put serious thought in running for one of the open positions or nominating the people you think best to serve in those positions.  Your participation in the full elections process is an integral part in furthering the success of your Club.  The prerequisite positions available (meaning that you had to have served on the Board for a full term, or 24 months) are: Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore. Fleet Captain is a position that requires 12 months on the Board prior to running.  You must also be an Active or Life member of the BYC.

Trustee has no prerequisites other than being an Active or Life member of the BYC. This is a two year term.

Nomination Process

The members of the Nominations and Elections Committee for 2020 are PC Tim Thompson, PC Troy Curran, PC Jim Gibson, Regan Haines, Kit McQueen, Jack David and Trish Hochreiter. The Nomination Procedure is provided for you in the Roster at BYC By-Laws, Article IX, Section 2. Information about this year’s election will be on the website and also sent via email and the Jib Sheet.

Under the process, the Nominating Committee will contact each of the members in good standing who have submitted their name as a potential candidate for office, and may additionally seek out other members in good standing, in order to solicit additional nominees as needed in order to be able to present an adequate and well-balanced slate of candidates.

The Nominating Committee will, via the BYC website and email, present the candidates for office to the voting members. The list of Candidates should include at least one nomination for each elected Officer position to be filled, and at least two nominations for each Trustee position to be filled on the Board. The committee will then contact those applicants who are interested in running requesting specific information and to confirm of their intent to run for office/trustee. This information will be presented to the membership at the Nominations Meeting on September 2, 2020.

After the nominations meeting, the names of nominees shall be entered on an official ballot prepared by the Secretary, copies of which shall be mailed to each voting member of the club at least seven (7) days before the date of the election. This ballot shall also give the polling times and places as set by the Board of Trustees and this mailing shall include, in addition, a biography of each candidate, including any past offices and/or committee assignments, and a statement of interest in the position submitted by the candidate, unless no such statement has been submitted.


Election Cycle Schedule

  • September 2 – Nomination Presentation Meeting (this is for the Nomination Committee to present nominations and request nominations from the floor)
  • September 9 – Meet the Candidates Night (this is a Town Hall format meeting where the candidates give short presentations and then are available for questions)
  • September 16 – Election Night (ballots will be mailed out a week prior to all voting members of the Club. You can also come into the Club to cast your vote)
  • October 7 – Officer Installation Night (this is when your elected Trustees and Officers take their oath of office and assume their new duties)


Teller Committee>

  • Scott McEniry
  • Tim Thompson
  • Susan Henderson
  • Murray Hill
  • Mike Powell


Note: Due to Covid restrictions it’s likely most, if not all, of the above meetings will be via Zoom.  That should be fun…

Please consider being part of the management of the BYC. Only with your commitment can we continue to flourish. If you are interested in being considered for any of these positions, please e-mail me at commodore@byc.org.

Commodore Scott