2019-20 BYC Flag Officer Candidates

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 Scott McEniry

Scott McEniryScott has been a life-long sailor, having explored the Salish Sea from the south Sound to Nanaimo. He’s owned sailboats from 11’ to 40’, and currently is the owner of Tullamore, an Atkins 27’ gaff-rigged cutter.

Scott joined the club as an active member in 2012 and became immediately active as a volunteer bartender. Scott became a Board Trustee in 2014, chaired the Bar & Lounge Advisory Committee, served on several other committees and is currently finishing his tenure as Vice Commodore.

Respectfully submitted, Scott McEniry


Shaun Thompson

Shaun ThompsonShaun has been on the water all of his life. It starts with his dad teaching him to SCUBA drive at the age of 12, followed by owning his first boat at the age of 16. He was born in Virginia, moving up and down the east coast unit age of 8 when his family settled in Gig Harbor, WA.

Shaun joined the BYC in May 2011 and has been active in volunteerism through Club Scrubs, hosting the Buccaneers Cruise, serving as Chairperson of the membership, social and Financial Management Review committees this year plus serving on other committees in the past.
Shaun is currently serving as a BYC Trustee, owns a racing sail boat and is out every Wednesday night.

Shaun works for Pape Machinery Inc as the Rental Manager cover rentals of large construction and forestry equipment from Hwy 18 north to the Canadian border. He and his wife Ginger can be found at the BYC most evenings. He is currently finishing his term as Rear Commodore.

Respectfully submitted, Shaun Thompson


Kevin Schwitter
I am Kevin Schwitter and I am running to be your Rear Commodore. I have learned a lot this past year as Fleet Captain and I have had a lot of fun working with many of you to plan and conduct some of the many activities that the club sponsors each year. I hope you had as much fun at the events as I have had.

As Rear Commodore, I will be the club’s treasurer and oversee the financial operations, working closely with the assistant treasurer, bookkeeper, and Finance Committee. It will be my job along with the Finance Committee to keep the Trustees informed so they can make prudent financial decisions regarding club operations. It is a serious role and I approach it with humility. Although I am running unopposed, I would appreciate each of your votes.

Respectively submitted,
Kevin Schwitter


Cathy Herbold
I have been cruising the waters of Pacific Northwest with my family both in sail and now a trawler for well over 30 plus years. After graduation from WWU we left this beautiful part of the country to pursue careers and life. My path led me into the telecommunications industry with roles in Executive sales, business development and finally creating a successful consulting firm in the industry.

In the early 90’s our dream to return to Bellingham and the salt water happened. That led me to my second passion, developing non-profits. I built and managed funding for multiple organizations. My ability to create organizations that understood how to develop funding by using the volunteers that were passionate about them has been a key to my success. After I retired I continued to work with a small number of non-profits to help them grow as organizations.

When I joined the Yacht club I wanted the opportunity to volunteer in roles to learn more about the club and give me exposure to what is involved in making this club a warm and welcoming place.

As a Trustee of the board I have led the Event/Social Committee and have developed a group of volunteers that have worked to deliver outstanding events for the Club. Additionally, I have created and implemented the business plan to develop long term revenue via rentals of the Marina Room and Event Center.
I am ready for a new challenge in the role of Fleet Captain. What I bring to this role is lengthy experience in managing organizations to deliver outstanding service and maintain fiscal responsibility. I look forward to continuing as a member of the leadership team.

Respectively submitted,
Cathy Herbold