BYC Past Commodores (left to right): Dave Bradley ‘97, Rich Veach ‘04, Al Callery ‘06, John Gargett ‘02 , Max King ‘82, Steve Ross ‘96, Karen Callery ‘01, Jonathan Knowles ‘14, Neil Bennett (Sloop Tavern), Pete Foti ’09 and Joe Coons ‘93.

Last Tuesday was the BYC Past Commodores Annual Holiday Dinner and meeting. Accompanied by my wife Ann, this was my first meeting as the newest BYC Past Commodore. On the agenda was to vote me in into the distinguished fraternity of Past Commodores. Fortunately, I was narrowly voted in by margin of 13 to 12 (which was a bit perplexing since there were only 9 Past Commodores voting!).

This meeting is also the time when contributions are solicited for the Past Commodores Fund. Those present made contributions which go towards the Inati Bay Outstation lease, the BYC website and other club improvements. Not only has each Past Commodore contributed to the BYC by serving up to seven years on the BYC Board, but also continues to contribute by paying his or her equivalent membership dues.

Also during the meeting, Past Commodore officer elections took place. Congratulations to the following members who were elected as new officers: Karen Callery as President, Pete Foti as Vice President and John Gargett as Secretary. Many thanks go to outgoing President Steve Ross who has served the past six terms.

The Past Commodores have agreed to Host a Friday’s at Five sometime in March…so, look for a notice in the Jib Sheet.

Jonathan Knowles, Immediate Past Commodore

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