2015 BYC Flag Officer Candidates

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Mick Corcoran

Mick has been involved with the club since 1987 and a member since 2000. Mick has been an active sailing racer for many years in various events throughout Puget Sound with his first boat Shillalagh, and his current boat Blackfoot. He has done the Vic-Maui race on Kismet in 1996, Charlemagne in 2000, and GIA in 2004.

He served as Sailing Fleet Captain three times and chaired and assisted with the PITCH committee for a number of years. In 2005, Mick was certified as a race management PRO and has assisted with the Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta, W.O.W. Regatta, Etchells Regatta, and the Jr. Regatta.

Mick has also volunteered in many areas throughout the club including Club Scrub, Tending Bar, Policy and Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, and Trophy Chairman for the sailing fleets.

As sailing fleet captain Mick was required to meet with the board to keep them apprised of what was happening with the sailing fleet, to present propose budgets, and establish the schedule. Mick served as a trustee in 2009. He has also served as Fleet Captain and Rear Commodore.


Mick Corcoran


Neil Bennett


Neil has been ‘boating’ since growing up on Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, WA, when, at the age of 8, an old, half sunk rowboat floated up on the beach prompting his dad and him to patch it up and row it around the bay. Next was sailing lessons in the Port Madison Pram, then one thing lead to another, and pretty soon he was a Non Resident BYC member in the late 1990’s and now with sailboat, Garufa, a Freedom 32, shared with his wife Michele.

Over the years he has sailed in Prince William Sound in Alaska, Tonga, from St. Maarten to the Mississippi River, Vic-Maui in 2004, 20 years of racing in Puget Sound doing just about every regatta possible…more Swiftsure’s than he can remember, 2 Oregon Offshores…on J 30’s, J 35’s and J109’s, as well as cruising Puget Sound, the San Juans and Gulf Islands on Garufa. He enjoys both the relaxation of cruising and the excitement of racing. He is not all about sailing, but rather about boating (or yachting). Neil has friends with powerboats with whom he has shared many a good adventure as well as a vibrant discussion about the hydrodynamics of wakes… and enjoys their creature comforts as well. To every purpose there is a season.

Neil has served on the BYC Board of Trustees, as Fleet Captain and Rear Commodore and Treasurer. He chaired the PITCH Regatta for several years and was instrumental in creating the Pink Boat Regatta in Bellingham, a benefit regatta for Breast Cancer in 2014 and 2015.

Neil Bennett


Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson

Jim has been an active member since joining the club in 2002. Jim enjoys and promotes both sailboat racing and cruising.

He has served on the Policy & Planning Committee, co-authoring BYC’s Employee Manual and Code of Conduct Policy, and was engaged with last year’s extensive Financial Management Review (audit) Committee. He has assisted the Youth Fleet in employment and policy matters, and is heavily involved in the club’s charity regattas.

Jim completed his second year serving on the BYC Board and has been active in long range planning activities and ongoing club events.


Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson

Tim has been boating all of his life. It was predestined with his being born in Annapolis, MD. He grew up on the lakes in Minnesota, learned to SCUBA dive after moving to Santa Barbara, lived aboard a sport fisher in San Diego and landed here in Bellingham after having kids.

Tim joined the BYC in 2012 and has been active in volunteerism through bartending, Club Scrubs, mark boat, PITCH and other opportunities.

Tim is finishing up his first year as a BYC Trustee. Chairing the membership committee, Tim and his team were able to bring in 51 new members this past year. He is also on the committee looking at a direction and best-use of our kitchen. His 2 children enjoy the many benefits of family membership in the BYC.