Wednesday Night Burgers are Back!!

Yes, you heard right, starting this Wednesday we’ll have burgers in the lounge from 5 PM to 7 PM! Pricing is the same as before – a bargain at $2.50 each for a burger and all the fixings, plus a sack of chips. Or order a “Burger and Brew” special for a paltry 6 bucks! Either way, it’s a “real deal”! Come in, chow down, and hang out with some friends at your club! Grill hours are limited so don’t tarry. Once racing starts, we’ll expand the grill hours to accommodate the sailors, and the bar and lounge hours likewise. And thanks to Monica for volunteering to “woman” the grill – be sure to stop by and say “hello”! Oh, and for our vegan members and friends, we’ll also have veggie burgers, so if you “just say no” to moo, come on down anyway, and we’ve got you covered!

Wine Tasting

The recent wine tasting event was such a success we’re planning another! This time the event will be in conjunction with a Fridays @ 5 on April 4th, and will be “co-tasted” with the Anacortes Yacht Club, who will be visiting that weekend. Plans include a tasting competition with AYC and BYC members paired up in teams. Should be a real hoot! Watch the Jib Sheet for more details as they become available!

Cashless Bar is Here

Remember, no more cash at the bar! Starting this week, the bar will operate on a “cash free” basis. Your bar tab can conveniently be charged to your member account and Mike will bill you monthly or as required. You are urged to sign up for ACH payment, which is foolproof and painless. Sign-up forms are available at the bar. Please bring a voided check to go with the application, so Mike can be sure your routing and account numbers are entered correctly. For those die-hard pay-on-the-spot folks, we’ll continue to take debit and credit cards also, so no worries either way. Or you can set up a deposit account and pay in advance – lots of choices here.

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