Yes it is that time once again when we must start thinking about elections of officers and trustees.
Per our by-laws I am happy to announce the annual election and call for Nominations for 2013-2014.

Call for nominations: Aug 1, 2013 will include a call for members in good standing to consider running for the following positions by contacting Commodore Jody Ericson.


The elective officers of this Club shall consist of a President, who shall be called Commodore; a Vice-President who shall be called Vice Commodore; a second Vice-President who shall also serve as Treasurer who shall be called Rear Commodore; and a Fleet Captain.


There shall be eight (8) elected Trustees, four (4) to be elected each year. The Trustees’ term of office shall be two (2) years.

For more information, visit the Members website where, after logging in, you will find a brief notice containing a link to an article by outling the procedures and dates.

Commodore Jody

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