Tierney Turns 21!!

Fridays at Five this week (March 1st, 2013) will be hosted by Ray and Sally Poorman, celebrating Tierney Owens’ 21st birthday!

Our racing members best know her for years of RC volunteering, and of course for her chocolate chip cookies… Our social members might know her best for her hugs. She is quite excited to be able to wander freely in our clubhouse. If you see her at the bar, she’s legal! (And thus should be recruited to volunteer bartend!)

We will provide pizza for all, whether meat lover or vegetarian, as well as salad. Of course sides or desserts to share are always a welcome addition if you want to contribute! If we can arrange it with our bar tending volunteer, we will also have a drink special in honor of Tierney, the Tinkerbelle-tini!

Come on down and help Tierney celebrate!!

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