Thanks to all who participated in our Tie-One-On event last Friday, Feb 22, especially the many new members who helped-out. This was a fun time, blended with a little bit of boater education, and also a great mixer because it encouraged participants to wander about learning from other members.

Five members tied for second-place. They each received a new 25 foot dock line from Sampson Rope. Christine Smith of David B fame won the event, being the only member who got all five knots and all five wines right. Christine also got a Sampson dock line and a bottle of wine of her choice. She chose the 2010 Italian Montepulciano. A good wine.

Watch for photos on the BYC Photo Gallery of our website.

BYC Education Committee
Tom Dalgliesh & Marion Welsh

Photos Can Be Viewed in the Members Area

The event photos are now available on the Members site. To access them, just go to the Members site and log in. Once you are logged in you just click on the “Photos > Clubhouse Activities > Education Committee Events” menu option and you will be taken to the list of Education Committee Events posts. You can go directly to the photos by clicking the “photos” link on the “Education Committee’s 2013 Tie-One-On Event Photos” post (it should be the first one on the page of posts). If you have problems signing on or getting to the photos, email me at

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