This past Sunday, great excitement watching the game, fun times and amazing food, drinks and prizes were enjoyed by all who attended the 2013 BYC Super Bowl Party.  Hosted by Jim and Angie Santosuosso, Shaun and Ginger Thompson, Neil Bennett and Susan Henderson, who deserve thanks for organizing such an incredible party in less than 2 weeks! Many helping hands made this a club event that’ll never be forgotten.

Thank you to all who helped with decorating and setting up our club to accommodate over 150 guests who attended!!   Chris Wallace, Jeff Carson, Rick Steidley, Tierney Owens and Tim Mumford were among those who helped with all of these jobs. Shaun Thompson did a fabulous job taking requests for dinner tickets and  selling the $1 squares, keeping us posted on the winners of the Super Bowl board. Thanks to Jim Santosuosso, Mike Smith and Tim Mumford for grilling their mouth-watering Tri-tip Steak!  The Caesar salad, potato bar and coleslaw were delicious and enjoyed by all thanks to Susan, Ginger, Angie and Rebecca for their help with all of that. Tierney, Levey and Susan made the delicious cupcakes for the party!  Thanks ladies!

The Chili Cook-Off went on, too, organized by Neil Bennett and was a success.  Jan Robertson bested them all and is the 2013 BYC Superbowl Chili Cook Off Champion.  Jan’s entry, Poncho Villa’s Revenge beat out four other chilis in a heated contest…she attributed her success to her recent marriage to Terry Robertson, which she says, ‘has heated up my life’.  Congratulations, Jan, you will be honored on the Ladle for all to see.

There were so many folks that helped with clean-up, take-down of all the party supplies, bringing appetizers and other jobs too that we may have forgotten to mention here.  Jan and Terry Robertson, Michele Bodtke and Terry Tavelli and all who helped to clean-up, thanks!! Finally, thanks for the fine job of bartending by Tea. Thanks to Susan Henderson and Terry Tavelli for stepping in to help behind the bar during our busiest hours of serving. To each and every person who helped with even the smallest job, THANK YOU!!  Because of the many volunteers who helped, this amazing Super Bowl Party was an incredible event for all of our guests!

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the Super Bowl prizes: Anndi Pena, Levey Mamaril, Roland and Carol Alberto and Geoff and Tricia Chamness.  We hope they will enjoy their prizes…many other guests enjoyed the door prizes they won too!  Thank you to Tierney Owens, Kathy Hanson, Kelly Mumford, Rebecca and Jessica Tolsma for their help with passing out all the prizes.

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