2012 Lighted Boat Parade Photos

Finally, the Lighted Boat Parade photos are available on the Members website!!!  Sorry it took so long to get them posted.  To access them just head to the Members area, log in and select Photos>>Lighted Boat Parade from the menu, select the 2012 Lighted Boat Parade and enjoy.

What, you don’t have a login to the Members site?  Just click the link in the first paragraph “click here to register a new account” and complete the form.  Some things to be aware of:

  1. Your account will be linked to the email address you supply.  It needs to be a valid email so that you will receive emails about the status of your registration.  So, if you receive the message that the email account already exists, this means that you have tried to create a user and may have forgotten.  If you can remember your user name and password, then try to log in with that.  If you can’t remember either, then email me at webmaster@byc.org with the email address you are using.  I will then reset your password and send you an email back with the new password.  You can then elect to modify your account and change the password after logging in by clicking the link at the top of the page under the News section.
  2. The email function from the website is not currently functional…I am working on it.  Hence, if you try the “Forgot my Password” link and request it be reset, it works, but never sends the email out to you.  So again, send the email direct to me.

Thanks for your patience while we work out a few of the kinks.


Terry Tavelli

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