Off-Fridays at Six Celebrates the Holidays with a Smorgasbord and White Elephant Gift Exchange

A huge THANK YOU to the many Members who helped with assembling and contributing to the Smorgasbord that covered the entire buffet along with a big round table. Everything was delicious from Veronica Vernon’s Chicken Mole to Margaret Marr’s egg rolls to the Swedish meatballs (thanks Laura and Jeff Vaughan) to Maya Allsop and Donna Olsen’s cakes to …and the many others who contributed to the Smorgasbord.

I can’t begin to mention all the volunteers who assembled the meat and cheese trays, sliced and diced, and prepped the many selections. It made it very traditional Jul celebration! Thank you!

A special thanks to Margaret Marr, Trudy & Wayne Kelsoe, and Jim Santosuosso for cleaning up and washing all the dishes! I have to say there were no leftovers! 

The White Elephant Exchange was quite vigorous and competitive. I do think that we have a new BYC tradition! We even had Elf-himself in attendance! (Bob Simica — love the shoes!)

And the icing on the cake is that we had several more new Members to join the BYC Family!  Yay!

We did have a great time!  Uff-Ta! Wishing you a Good Jul!

Kathy Brown, Programs

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