Uff-da! Join in for Holiday Fun at the BYC at Off-Friday @ 6, Dec. 14th 

Julebord Dinner & White Elephant Gift Exchange

A Scandinavian Smorgasbord will be the buffet spread, so bring your favorite appetizer, dish, breads, or Holiday sweets to share and enjoy.

Cold cuts & Swedish meatballs will get the Julebord started.

The Bar will offer warm Glogg as the drink special.

White Elephant Gift Exchange (all ages are welcome to participate)

For those who want to participate, the White Elephant Gift Exchange will be begin at 7 pm.

Now is your chance to unload that White Elephant that is stored away in the attic or basement.

Bring a wrapped White Elephant gift and exchange it for Gift Exchange number from the Elf by the Yule Tree in the Lower Lounge. Feel free to re-gift any White Elephant that you have stored away.

Participation in the gift exchange is totally voluntary, but definitely encouraged!

And there may just be some surprise live music during the Smorgasbord or after the White Elephant Gift Exchange — or both! Uff-da!

For more information, please contact Kathy Brown at Kathy@KalliopeSV.com.  or at 970.218.9628

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