2012 BYC Flag Officer Candidates

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I have been a member of BYC for over 13 years. During that time I have served on the Programs Committee, Commodore’s Ball committees, as well as helped with the BBOD and PITCH Regattas. I have also been involved in many Club Scrubs, Commodores Picnics, Crab Fests, Opening Days, Fridays at Five and other raft up weekends at Inati Bay. I am a Club volunteer bartender, and also volunteer my time for whatever is needed at the last moment. I have served as a BYC Trustee, Secretary, Fleet Captain, Rear Commodore, and Vice Commodore. I love boating and being on the water. I have completed many Power Squadron Courses and two out of three Bareboat Charter certifications. Being a member of BYC has opened not only opportunities to enhance my boating skills but has opened the door to many lifelong friendships.

Jody Erickson

Vice Commodore


I have been a member of BYC since 2005, During that time I have served on the race committee and as a US Sailing certified PRO for club racing and sponsored regattas: Etchells, PITCH, and One Design. I have raced my own boat with an all women crew and have crewed for others. I served four years as the membership chair before being elected as Fleet Captain in 2010 and then Rear Commodore. I have participated in club scrubs and have been a volunteer bartender for six years. I have also enjoyed club activities: Commodore’s Picnic, Opening Day, Lighted Boat Parade, Friday’s at Five and other raft-up weekends at Inati Bay. As a member of the Bellingham Power and Sail Squadron, I have taken many boater education classes, including advanced piloting. I enjoy cruising and the camaraderie of boating with good friends. Being active in the boating community in Bellingham has enriched my life in many ways – we have a wonderful boating jewel at our doorstep.

Michele Bodtke

Rear Commodore


Jonathan has been a member of BYC since 2007, and was elected as Trustee in 2009 and then Fleet Captain in 2011. He is a very active racer, regionally and locally in the Bellingham Etchells Fleet. Jonathan has been involved with the club’s major regattas, including Etchells, Youth, PITCH and Dale Jepson One-Design, and is a founding member of the Oak Harbor, Bellingham, Anacortes Racing Federation (OhBARF) which promotes regional cross-club racing. As Fleet Captain, his achievements included filling the vacant Youth Fleet Captain Position – Arne Ahlen, hiring BYC’s first Youth Program Director – Megan Link and starting up a new fun sailing race event, the BYC Summer Solstice Series. He was extensively involved in the Club’s remodel in 2010 and served as bar manager for more than a year creating many events at the Club revolving around use of our lounge, including Monday Night Football in the fall and Wednesday night “burger & brew” during racing season. Professionally he is the Information Technology executive at the Silver Reef Casino & Hotel. He ownsShameless, a 30’ Etchells, Rosinante a Crown 34 Sailboat/Cruiser and continues the traditions of a family of serious Northern California boaters.

Jonathan Knowles

Fleet Captain


I have been involved with the club since 1987 and a member since 2000. I have been an active sailing racer in various events throughout Puget Sound with my first boat Shillalagh, and my current boat Blackfoot. I have done the Vic-Maui race on Kismet in 1996, Charlemagne in 2000, and GIA in 2004.

I have served as Sailing Fleet Captain three times and run and assisted with the PITCH committee for a number of years. I was certified as a race management PRO in 2005 and have assisted with the Dale Jepson One Design Regatta, W.O.W. Regatta, Etchells Regatta, and the Jr. Regatta.

My other volunteer efforts have included Club Scrub, Tending Bar, The Policy and Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, and Trophy Chairman for the sailing fleets.

As sailing fleet captain I was required to meet with the board to keep them apprised of what was happening with the sailing fleet, propose budgets, and establish the schedule. I was also elected as a trustee in 2009.

  1. Which 2 board committees do you think your skills and interests would best serve? The first would be the Policy and Planning Committee because I have served on it before and believe my familiarity with the bylaws and the interests of the club would be well served. The second would be Building and House Committee. I have a keen interest in keeping the club in good order as well as our outstation.
  2. What activities and events you would like to see in the lounge and at the club? I always thought the wine tasting events were a great plus for our club and would like to see more of this kind of thing. Fridays at 5 is great too and could also be a venue to hopefully attract more new members. Perhaps also we could bring about more boating/cruising types of events. We are, after all, a yacht club.
  3. Where would you like to see the club going over the next 2-3 years? Growing the membership would be great. Also trying to grow our sailing fleet would be beneficial, not only for the bar revenue, but to get more people in the club more often. It isn’t just about sailing, but a friendly atmosphere with like-minded folks who enjoy each other’s company.

Mick Corcoran