Town Hall Meeting Recap – 18 February 2011
• We started off with a short “State of the Club” address
o We have a healthy bank account
o The board voted on Thursday to approve the purchase of 7 “almost new” FJ dinghies. This is a HUGE deal for our junior sailors as well as any adults that might be interested in learning to sail.
o The board voted on a new Ship’s Store inventory policy that will help the Club to not have a few thousand dollars tied up in clothing that may or may not sell. Burgees and hats will continue to be available, but coats, vests, shirts, blankets, socks (you get the idea) will be on a self-serve-order-what-you-want basis. More information to come as we work out the details with a local vendor.
o The board voted on a new club usage agreement and fee structure. The information is being crafted into a nice easy-to-present flyer that Trustee Sally Poorman is creating and it will be sent out to all members as soon as it’s completed. The bottom line is that members can use the club – free of charge – if they don’t need a bartender for their event and if it’s a non-business related function.
• Then the microphone was passed around to those gathered and various ideas and suggestions were voiced
o Some members would like to be able to bring in their own bottles of wine for consumption and be charged a nominal corkage fee – perhaps from 5 to 6pm only
o There is a need for a club photographer – especially at the Lighted Boat Parade and Opening Day to take photos of the wonderfully decorated boats
o The topic of paid vs volunteer bartenders was brought up and it’s a pretty split house on this subject. I have pledged to research the Club’s liquor liability policy to gain more insight on just what this covers to protect our volunteers when they step behind the bar. Stay tuned for more info here.
o There is a need for a Club historian. PC Joe Coons did a fantastic job of tracking down our first 86 years, and we need someone to continue this – perhaps one day we’ll have a book on the history of the BYC.
o The downstairs bathrooms could use a facelift
o Members would like to have some educational programs – suggestions were for cruising into Canada and a review of the border regulations; as well as a night of members relaying their cruising experiences
o More social events are wanted and the Marketing Committee is working out the details on a Spring Dance… this sounds like a great party so look for more details coming soon.
o I brought up the topic of elections and whether we wanted to continue having nominations from the floor – specifically for the Bridge offices. There were some very strong opinions on this subject after the last elections and I wanted to see if other members shared those same opinions. It was a great discussion with the majority of those present feeling that our bylaws allow for change if that’s what’s needed and should stand as they are.
o One member thought we should explore reciprocity with more British Columbia yacht clubs to extend into areas that we tend to cruise more often.
o Finally, a suggestion that we hold an Open House to the public was very well received and plans are in the works to hold it during the weekend of Charter Fest in April

These are all terrific suggestions and I want to thank everyone again that took the time to attend and to share their thoughts. Look for many of these items to come to fruition in the near future and for another Town Hall meeting to be held next quarter.

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