The spring season has rushed by and we are finally getting some summer sunshine to filter in on our gatherings. I sure hope it keeps up, as I am very deficient in vitamin D!

July brings with it many interesting events for the BYC. Please be sure to check your calendars for the latest happenings on and off the water.

Our next cruise and raft up is at Inati Bay. It is scheduled for July 10, and 11th. Hope to see all of you out there. I am sure our Cruise Fleet Captain; John Gargett will have an announcement next week on this fun event and its activities, especially now that he’s posted info about the Poets Cove Cruise in September.

Be sure to check out the new website, BYC.ORG, and see all of the exciting activities that are available for our membership. You just might be surprised at what is being offered.

I am currently working on our reciprocal agreements. Since it is so late in the year, we have decided to wait until October and get the reciprocal letters out when the new board will be in place. Of course our current reciprocal agreements are still in force for your free enjoyment as you cruise around our great Pacific Northwest. Be sure to take advantage of those, as this is a big perk for all of our members.

I want to specifically thank all those members that continue to volunteer and help at our club. The volunteers are what make our club so special!

Thanks to all of you!
Jody Erickson

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