Racing and Regattas

Week night and weekend racing

The Bellingham Yacht Club active racing program, includes Tuesday night dinghy racing, Wednesday night PHRF and One-Design racing and weekend long-distance racing.


BYC sponsors and runs major regattas including PITCH, Dale Jepsen One-Design, Women on the Water (WOW), Pac Rim. 


BYC belongs to the PIYA Pacific International Yachting Association and US Sailing. These programs emphasize training and professionalism in sailing.

US Sailing promotes and defines racing rules of sailing, Olympic training, and many other programs. BYC members are encouraged to join US Sailing as there are many benefits to individuals US competitiveness. Please reference BYC on your membership application!

2021 Schedule


13th BYC Hale's Pass Dash 27th BYC Vendovi Island


7th BYC Numb Bum #1
14th BYC Numb Bum #2
21st BYC Numb Bum #3
24th - 25th OIYC East Sound Regatta 28th BYC Numb Bum #4


1st BYC Opening Day
5th BYC Numb Bum #5
8th - 9th AYC Windermere Regatta 12th BYC Spring #1
15th OHYC Around Whidbey
19th BYC Spring #2
22nd BYC Around Lummi
26th BYC Spring #3
29th BYC Point Roberts


2nd BYC Spring #4
5th - 6th BYC One Design Regatta
9th BYC Spring #5
12th - 13th BYC Etchell's Regatta
16th BYC Dick Johnson Summer Series #1 19th - 20th OIYC Around Orcas
21st - 25th Race Week
23rd BYC Dick Johnson Summer Series #2 30th BYC Dick Johnson Summer Series #3


7th BYC Dick Johnson Summer Series #4
10th BYC WOW Regatta
14th BYC Dick Johnson Summer Series #5 16th - 18th OHYC Whidbey Summer Classic Regatta

21st BYC Moore Invitational
24th - 25th BYC Sucia Island Race Cruise 28th BYC Hot August Nights #1


2nd BYC Hot August Nights #2
7th OIYC Shaw Island Classic
7th - 8th BYC Youth Regatta
11th BYC Hot August Nights #3 13th - 15th AYC Northern Century 18th BYC Hot August Nights #4 25th BYC Hot August Nights #5 28th BYC Pink Boat Regatta


1st PITCH Tune-up

4th - 5th BYC PITCH Regatta

11th - 12th Dale Jepsen One Design 25th BYC Governors Point


2nd BYC Commodore’s Cup 16th BYC Marmetta Cup 22nd - 24th SYC Grand Prix 30th BYC Jack Island


13th - 14th OIYC Round the County 20th BYC Awards Banquet


Regatta Results