Please browse some commonly asked questions, and if you need further information please contact us!

Q. How do I become a member of the Bellingham Yacht Club?

A. To become a member, you need to be sponsored by two active members of the BYC, fill out an application, and submit it with your initiation fees. Our board welcomes new members each month, as we vote in new members at our board meetings.

Q. I’m new to the area, how can I become sponsored by members?

A. If you are active in boating, you most likely know someone who is a BYC member already, so feel free to ask around. We also host an open house once each year, and if you’re already a member of a club where you’ve relocated from, please use your reciprocal privileges to join us at a Fridays@Five social event to see our clubhouse and meet our members. Fridays@Five are held the first and third Fridays of each month.

Q. How much are dues and initiation?

A. Dues are reviewed by the Board of Directors at least once per year. We strive to keep our initiation fee and yearly dues affordable while still offering the benefits of membership. Dues are currently structured by age and and function. We offer youth, intermediate, active, senior and non-resident membership classes. Of these classes, only active members have the privileges to vote and to hold office. Senior memberships are available only to current members who have reached 70 years of age and apply for Senior status. Below is the current fee structure for the 2018/19 year membership classes.

2018/19 Membership Classes and Prices
Membership Class Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Active $310 $558
Non-Resident $310 $376
Intermediate: Age 21-25 N/A* $130
Intermediate: Age 26-27 N/A* $160
Intermediate: Age 28-29 N/A* $190
* The Initiation Fee shall be deferred for all incoming intermediate members. The Initiation Fee will be prorated upon application for Active Membership.

Q. Are there other membership requirements? Do I need to own a boat?

A. Boat ownership is not required to become a member. All that is needed is an active interest in boating. We have members with varied interests, including social, cruising, racing and education. We think you’ll find that we are a diverse and welcoming club.

Q. Do I have to be a previous BYC member to qualify for non-resident member status?

A. No, we welcome all non-resident members to apply, however you must still be sponsored by two active resident BYC members.

Q. Is my annual membership fee and initiation fee all due at once?

A. No, for the convenience of our membership, we do offer a quarterly auto-payment option on dues. Initiation fees and first quarter dues must be paid at the time of joining, and commitment is for a minimum of one calendar year. Special payment arrangements are not offered on the online registration form. To inquire about alternative payments, send an email to