Lighted Boat Parade

December 5, 2020

Registered Boats

Owner Name Boat Name Boat Type Boat Length (ft.) Yacht Club First Lighted Boat Parade?
Nick Barrett Miss Calculated Power 29 None Yes
Tracy Olney WineKnot Power 33 Corinthian No
Clara Reid Que Sera, Sera Sail 27 BYC Yes
Gregory Zimmerman Somethin’ Better Sail 30 CYC – Bellingham Yes
Kevin Schwitter Revelation Sail 29 BYC No
Jim Haines TimberMaiden Power 30 Bellingham Yacht Club Yes
Alisha Porter Galene Sail 26 None Yes
Dan Ringler Seahome Power 42 BYC No
Scott McEniry Saoirse Sail 30 Bellingham Yacht Club No
Jerry Hixson Evening Star Power 34’ None Yes
Steven Ross Serendipity Power 37 Bellingham Yacht Club No
Cathy & Paul Herbold Tinka Power 39 Bellingham Yacht Club No
Annie Boydstun The Bullfrog Power 17’ Bellingham Yacht Club No
Chris Rosinski Fort Fun Power 31 Cyc Bellingham No
Richard Labadie ZEPHYR Sail 29 BYC No
Jessica Neel Tumblehome Sail 25 None Yes
Neil and Michele Bennett GArufa Sail 32 BYC No
Peter Marcus Never Ending 2 Power 25 None No
Rob + Karen Pederson ZooKeeperr Power 35 None No
Zack Biemold True grit Power 41 Wheel and keel Yes
Andreas Weinrich FREE Sail 30 CYC No
Colin Tobin Ignitor Power 30 None Yes
Greg Theisen Obelix Sail 45 None Yes
Reinaldo Ransom reinaldoransom Power FX ggLv6L30 No
Flynn Mcclendon flynngwp4902 Power AM KUzuP3bDg No
Anglea Masterson angleamasterson Power XO 7gsFLVpkT No